36 Proven Methods To Make Money Online or Offline


Working a 9 to 5 job is no longer the only proven option to make money online or from anywhere in the world in 2022. The Internet has fundamentally altered the method in which businesses conduct themselves in the twenty-first century.

With only a computer, smartphone, or laptop, as well as an internet connection, there is nothing that can stop you from earning money online or from anywhere else in the world.

Online classes, YouTube videos, and blogs are all excellent resources for learning new skills. You may also quickly earn money by engaging in digital marketing activities such as freelancing, dropshipping, making advertisements, publishing eBooks, and many other activities. In this complete book, I’ll go through all 37 of the tried and true methods for making money or getting anyplace you want to go.

The process of earning money online or establishing an online business will not always be straightforward; you will need to push yourself to work hard, make mistakes and remain disciplined while also showing up on a daily basis and learning from your failures as you go. If you’re diligent and persistent, it is entirely possible to make a life online. There will be no fluff!

Now, let’s get into the 37 Proven Ways to Make Money Online or From Anywhere in the World straight away.

Create a YouTube channel and take advantage of the more than 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day! YouTube is likely the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, as well as the largest free video hosting platform on the internet. You can start by launching your YouTube channel and focusing on creating high-quality videos as your subscriber base grows.

The majority of people who visit YouTube are looking to be entertained while either learning new skills or expanding their existing knowledge and abilities. As a result, the vast majority of YouTube video content may be divided into two categories: entertainment content and instructional content.

People are interested in entertainment content such as comedy, pranks, sketches, movies, web series, Telenovelas, video games, and having a good time. Entertainment content includes: Different methods of entertaining people might be devised in order to draw them in to your material and keep them interested.
With By consuming diverse types of information, people hope to learn something new or broaden their knowledge, skills, and experience in order to achieve their goals. The majority of educational videos consist of manuals, tutorials, case studies, documentaries, and other similar content. With time, you will be able to develop your own audience.
Once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time on your channel, you can begin to monetize your videos on the platform. With every 1000 views, you can earn anything from $2 to $4. If you had 50 videos with 10,000 views per month each, you may earn $1000 – $2000 each month from your YouTube channel.

Consider what would happen if you created constant video content and saw your views climb to more than 1 million per month. That would be a gold mine of information!

If creating videos isn’t your thing, you can learn how to make money on YouTube without having to create your own films by participating in this Free Live Training right now!

Create a blog.
Making money online by starting a blog is one of the most wonderful ways to generate money online. What exactly is a blog? The term “blog” refers to an informational website where individuals or corporations write on a certain subject of their choosing in order to reach a specified audience.

Blog postings enable you and your company to publish insights, thoughts, and ideas on your website on any topic of interest to you and your customers. There are over 100 blog genres to choose from, but the most effective categories are those that address basic human needs. These are referred to as Super Niches, and they include the following:

Health and Wellness

Wealth and Finance 

Dating and Relationships 

If there’s a niche you’re interested in, you can easily build an audience around it and write SEO Optimized content.

 8  Ways to make money Blogging:

Affiliate marketing

 Display ads

 Sponsored content

Sell Online Courses


Podcast Sponsorship

Writing and selling EBooks

Selling your own services

Nowadays you can easily start a blog with Bluehost at $2.75 /m with this discount link. You can have a domain name (such as www.yourwebsitename.com) that works with niche. Similarly, you can also consider using other reputable domains registrar like A2 Hosting, Hostgator, Squarespace and so on. 

You can check your domain availability with Bluehost right here  to quickly find out whether your desired website domain is available or not. If it’s not available they will give you suggestions of other domain names with… (.net,.org,.io and so on. But for me I highly recommend you to stick with the .com version. 

Furthermore, you can also create free websites with Medium, Blogger, WordPress.com and other websites builders but unfortunately these won’t give you both the flexibility and domain authority you need to build a successful online business. 

Instead go with a self hosted site like my blog site and you will have full control over it than with the free ones. Starting a blog in 2022 is a proven way to make money online or anywhere. All you need to do is to start and launch your WordPress blog today.

  1. Start Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is : Affiliate marketing is promoting products and services that other people have created and when you send a buyer you earn a commission.

These products could be courses, coaching programs, physical products, conferences, live events and eBooks.

Most digital products and services offer commissions ranging from 30% to even 90% while physical products range from 3% to 10% due to the costs of manufacturing physical products.

Affiliate Marketers connect people with the products and services that they are looking for or can improve their lives.

If you can write SEO optimized articles on a blog or a resource that is so valuable to people looking for certain products or services. And then send them to where they can actually buy it, you’ll receive a given commission for each sale.

To make more money with affiliate marketing you need to choose an affiliate niche and focus on serving a specific audience. As mentioned above you choose from the core Super Niches like…

Wealth and Finance

Health and Fitness

Dating and Relationships

Choose the Niche that is right for you and narrow it down to smaller categories like Weight Loss, meditation, personal finance, investment, dating, parenting and so on.

After finding your niche you need to find affiliate programs that you can promote. Here is a simple list of Affiliate marketplaces and Networks.

Affiliate Networks

Amazon Associates







Commission Junction CJ.com



Petco for pets 











Now how do you promote affiliate offers? Here are seven proven ways to drive traffic to your Affiliate offers. The first 3 methods are the best to build a long term income stream. 

7 Ways to drive Traffic to Affiliate offers

  1. YouTube channel – Creating video content to review products and services before or after they are launched. 
  2. Starting a blog – Writing SEO optimized content in your website to rank on Google search engine and when people search and click on them. 
  3. Email Marketing – If you have an email you can easily promote affiliate offers to your subscribers. Besides you own your email list not like other social media networks where you might be banned for sending affiliate links. 

If you have a fixed budget you can easily create an email list with this reputable email marketing software Convertkit and you can send emails to 300 subscribers for free. Click here to create a Free Account with Convertkit.

Some other email marketing Softwares include:

Constant contact




Systeme.io and many others. 

It has been said that : For every $1 spent on (Email marketing average Roi is $38)

Email marketing together with Affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of online income, accounting for 16% of all e-commerce orders in both the USA and Canada. 

  1. Social media – you can promote affiliate links directly to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
  2. Quora – answering questions related to your niche and adding  links to generate traffic to your affiliate offers or blog. 
  3. Paid advertising – by investing in ads you can generate substantial traffic your landing pages or affiliate offers. 
  4. Pinterest – Create pins and join group boards to drive traffic to your affiliate blog posts. 

Mostly these social media platforms, Quora, Paid advertising are used to compliment the rest in the top three above the list. If you really want to make money online then Affiliate marketing is the best choice. It is my number 1 proven way of making money online or anywhere and it is easy to start affiliate marketing anytime or even today.

  1. Freelance

Freelance is a proven way to make money online by applying your knowledge, skills  and experience. Before starting freelancing you need to decide whether to work full time freelance or as a side hustle.

It is challenging to get clients when starting out as a freelancer but once you start signing up clients for gigs you will pocket a lot of cash from freelancing.

Some  Services that you can offer as freelancer include: Article Writer, Ghostwriting, Virtual assistant, Web design, freelance Copywriter, Affiliate marketer, SEO, transcription, logo design, design book covers, translation, proofreading and so on. 

How to find freelance clients

One of the best ways to find freelance clients is by using freelance sites, but when starting as a beginner you’ll need to go an extra mile.

You can reach out to clients through  LinkedIn, Twitter, sending Cold emails using Gmass.

You can also start by searching for freelance postings on sites like Flex jobs, Latium, Peopleperhour and create profiles in other popular sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and the others.

How much can you earn as a Freelancer?

You can set strategic prices or fixed prices depending on the job contract. You can charge from $10 for simple tasks but for complex tasks like web design & development you can charge from $300 or more depending on the severity of the job.

Nowadays, most people are opting to forego their traditional jobs and start a freelance business.

  1. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

It involves a variety of marketing tactics used to reach consumers online. Many individuals or businesses are willing to pay you for your services and skills to promote their products and services on the internet. 

Basically there are 8 popular types of Digital Marketing strategies which include:

  1. Social Media Marketing – includes everything an individual or business does via social media channels with a strategic and integrated approach. 
  2. Influencer Marketing – it has grown more rapidly with new social networks like Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube. To make money as an influencer you can charge for sponsored posts, add affiliate links in your bio or video descriptions or create your own online store and sell your own products.
  3. Content Marketing – used to increase brand awareness through content distribution and storytelling. 
  4. SEO Marketing – Is a practice website owners use to rank higher with keyword phrases on the SERPs and draw more website traffic. It involves steps like Keyword research, On page SEO and  building quality backlinks. 
  5. Pay per click – are the ads that display at the top of your Google search. 
  6. Affiliate marketing – is a process by which affiliates earn a commission for marketing  another person’s or company’s products and services. 
  7. Mobile Marketing – involves reaching your target audience on their smartphones or tablet through text messages, social media, websites and mobile applications. 
  8. Email Marketing – involves promoting mostly digital products or services through your email subscribers. Talking more about it below as a way to make money online.
  9. Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Is a natural way to connect with individuals and customers through sending email newsletters.

Email marketers use email marketing tools to build an email list and monetize it by marketing affiliate offers or selling their own products.

Success in email marketing depends on the open and click through rate. Here marketers analyze the number of recipients who opened the email and clicked on the links by using specific email Softwares services. 

You can start email marketing by using reputable and automated email marketing software. Here’s a list of some of the best Email marketing Softwares. 

Constant Contact (leading email marketing software) 




Systeme  (best marketing tool for building an online business) 



Remember : For every $1 spent on (Email marketing average ROI is $38)

  1. Take Surveys

You can make money online from anywhere by taking online surveys, but don’t expect to roll in huge bucks. Most Surveys don’t typically pay as much money as other options in this comprehensive list, but you’ll make some extra cash for personal use.

Join Survey sites is easy, all you have to do is set up an account and begin conducting tasks. Here’s a list of some best survey sites you can join today.



Survey junkie




One Opinion

Vindale Research

Life Points

Opinion city

Most Survey sites have requirements and sometimes you may be surprised to be disqualified from a survey because of some unknown reason.

  1. Create a Course and Sell

If you’re an expert in a topic, you can start making money online teaching people what you know. You can become an authority in your topic and share your expertise with the world.

You can create a course based on your experience and skills in your current job, business coaching or consulting or any other high income skill.

All you need to do is put in time and energy to create your course and market it or you can build an army of affiliates to sell on your behalf. 

You can do so by using affiliate programs networks that will enable you to create unique tracking links for affiliates to sell for you and reach more potential customers.

You can launch your Courses through some of these recognized sites like Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, Systeme and Udemy.

Before creating a Course you need to choose a Niche and check the demand of your course by using tools like Google Keyword planner, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and look for monthly average search volume for Keywords related to your proposed course content.

Creating an Online Course is like building a long-term sustainable passive income for yourself. As long as you market your Courses through the Sales Funnel, you can make more consistent sales as much as you’d like.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant there are many tasks you’ll need to do and many entrepreneurs building business will demand your services.

You can also reach out to brands and Entrepreneurs and ask whether they’re interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant. You can create profiles in Freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour or Indeed to sign in clients.

Being a Virtual assistant involves doing a variety of tasks like writing, proofreading, bookkeeping, social media management, editing content and so on just to mention a few.

You can as well consider building an active presence on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find new clients.

  1. Write and Sell  eBooks

Just like creating a course, you can document your knowledge and skills by writing an eBooks that helps people solve a problem or learn a new skill.

With Amazon Kindle publishing you can easily write and publish your eBook on Amazon and sell it. But Amazon will charge a fee of 30% leaving you with 70% commission.

The benefit of using Amazon Kindle is that Amazon has an already existing traffic of millions of people visiting its web stores 24/7 to find and buy products that they want. This will reduce the cost of marketing your eBook on your own.

Furthermore Amazon has a free keyword tool that can help you market your eBook with the right keyword phrases. 

You can as well use other platforms to sell your eBook or promote it in your website or your email list if you have one.

Here’s a list of best sites you can use to sell your eBook online.








  1. Start an E-commerce or Dropshipping

Starting an E-commerce website is a proven way to make money online. You can launch your site and start selling your own products or sell on behalf of other companies by creating a virtual online store. 

Currently you can easily launch your ecommerce business on sites like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Ebay to build a customizable E-commerce website within a few days and start selling products. 



How Dropshipping works

You can easily start dropshipping using Shopify. In case you don’t know what Dropshipping is: Dropshipping is a business model where you act as a middle man between suppliers and customers, you sell products to customers, but the supplier stores, packages and ships the product to your customers on your behalf. Dropshipping is the best business model where you don’t have to incur more costs creating your own products. 

But if you choose to create your own merchandise you can consider using Amazon FBA which I will talk about  separately on its own as a way to make money. 

Remember there are extremely high risks associated with starting product based business but the benefit rewards pay much more in return of cash. 

Dropshipping is beginner friendly because it needs less capital to start since you don’t keep inventory of products but instead purchase it from third party Suppliers who ship the items directly to the customers. 

 You can  find solid  products to market from sites like AliExpress that are already manufactured at reasonable prices, communicate with the suppliers of the product and then market it to your audience. If you like the dropshipping business model you can do more research on it. 

Here’s a list of some reliable dropshipping suppliers you can consider starting with. 

AliExpress – owned by the conglomerate Chinese E-commerce Alibaba

Spocket – dropship highly discounted, fast shipping of  products 

SaleHoo – provides in depth data and sales insights on each product available 

Wholesale2b – favorable for North America 

Megagoods – focused on consumer electronics 



Worldwide Brands… and many others. 

Other great E-commerce  platform you can use for you online business include:

Etsy – best for selling DIY products like handmade crafts, art, wallpapers etc.

Ebay – huge online auction site. You can create an online store to sell and resell a variety of products like electronics, clothing, gadgets, accessories, eBooks and so on.

  1. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon is the best way to succeed as an E-commerce entrepreneur with Amazon most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.

Fulfillment by Amazon enables you to store your merchandise in Amazon warehouse centers and list the products on the Amazon website. Amazon handles  your shipments, returns and provides customer service for these products.

Before getting into these businesses you need to read and understand all of Amazon FBA rules. Amazon knows no mercy when it comes to sellers breaking the rules.

 With Amazon FBA flexibility you can be able to work from anywhere, be your own boss and spend time with your family and friends.

To be successful on Amazon you need to sell what people want and the relevant keyword phrases they use to search for products. You need to find your niche or a product with less competition. This way you will automatically have an edge over people who don’t understand their product and you will dominate certain parts of the market. 

You can use Amazon’s free keyword tool that can improve your product listing visibility and improve your business. 

You can also use Sellics, an Amazon seller management tool that most successful Amazon sellers use to increase sales and earn more monthly income.

Are people Rich with Amazon FBA? 

Most research statistics show that 44% of Amazon sellers make up to $25,000 a month in sales. One in five make more- they record sales between $25,000-$250,000 a month! If you work smart enough you might also join the upper 6% of people earning more than $250,000 a month in sales.

If you want to make more money with E-commerce. Try to diversify your sources of income by building your own e-commerce site and drive traffic to your site using influencers or pay per click services. You can also stick to Amazon FBA. The choice is yours.

  1. Print on demand
Print on Demand

Print on demand is a fulfillment process that delivers products to customers only after a sale goes through. 

Stated in another way Print on demand is similar to dropshipping in the sense that you don’t need to carry the inventory or handle shipments of products to products. 

Print on demand business model allows a customer to buy products in your online shop and the order goes directly to the print provider. You can print custom design labels on packages which is a great way to improve your brand recognition. 

Most print on demand products may  include T-shirt, cap, hoodies, bags, handbags, mask, stickers, phone covers, mugs etc. 

Here’s a list of some platforms you can start to print on demand services. 








You can also sell print on demand services based on the order at Etsy and Ebay. 

How to promote print on demand products 

You can market your products on the best social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and others like Twitter and Facebook.

 Likely you can use Instagram influencers who can easily convert their followers well.

 Here are two sites where you can get influencers to promote your print on demand shop. 




  1. Transcription

Transcription is a very lucrative and simple way of making money online or from home. In case you don’t know what Transcription is, the process of converting speech into text or written document. The speech can either be an audio or video recording.

There are 3 steps involved in transcription that is listening, interpreting and typing. You will need to attentively decipher what is being said from the audio or video.

There are many transcription industries and transcription opportunities are rapidly increasing and you can equally make good money as a transcriptionist.

One major advantage of transcription is that it has flexible working schedules and you can choose what to work on.

Here are over a dozen platforms where you can find transcription gigs.













Transcribe Anywhere

Most transcription services pay from $10 to $25 per hour.

There 3 major types of transcription which include:

Legal transcription

Medical transcription and

General transcription. 

If you have major training in medical transcription you can make even more cash.

  1. Online Tutor

You can make a lot of bucks online by becoming an online tutor.

If you’re an expert on a given topic, tutoring may be the right option for you to make money doing what you love.

If you have teaching experience or you have spoken at a conference or an event you can as well teach a topic of your expertise through tutoring.

With most tutoring in demand services being Math, English and Sciences as well as other international languages like Spanish, French and German. English has been the most popular among international audiences and you can tutor individuals as a second language.

Some of the platforms you can find tutoring gigs include.

Tutor – best for new tutors

Skooli – best for language tutoring


Vipkid-  best for English tutoring 

Brainfuse  – best for college students

Tutor me

  1. Become a Writer

There is a high demand for writers in the blogging industry and you can build your own portfolio as a writer.

You can look for blogs or websites in your niche and see if they have a writer for Us page. Besides that you can also prefer sending them a ticket asking if they need a writer for their blog post.

 Furthermore, you can increase your outreach by setting up a profile in Upwork, Fiverr or social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can make a living as a writer if you build an online portfolio and include testimonials from clients you have done work for and use that as a social proof for signing up new clients.

As a writer you can also write a 25 pages eBook, publish and sell on Amazon Kindle. You don’t have to limit yourself as a writer because doing so limits your income.

  1. Instagram page

Building an Instagram page and growing your follower base has become easier. All you have to do is to choose a niche and start posting content consistently on your page.

Some of the profitable niches on Instagram include:


Beauty products 

Health and wellness 


Business Entrepreneur

Business Inspiration

If you want to grow faster you can buy an already established Instagram page in your niche and increase its follower base.

Ways you can make money with your Instagram page

 1. You can consider reselling your Instagram page at Socialtradia or monetize it by doing shout outs for other Instagram pages. 

2. Affiliate Marketing: Include affiliate links in your page bio so that your followers can purchase affiliate offers.

3. Influencer : post sponsored content or create an account at Shoutcart.com to promote people’s products.

4. Entrepreneur : sell your own products or services.

  1. Photoshop

Learn how to use Photoshop and edit photos and videos for other people. Then you can sell your photos on sites that pay you per download. 

You can also sell your services on Fiverr and Upwork and have people pay you to do simple tasks like removing backgrounds, editing and fixing their photos or videos. 

You can also help businesses to create business profiles, logos and video thumbnails.

  1. Build and Sell Software

You can build a successful business if you build a software that helps people solve a problem or saves people time and energy to complete their work. 

If you do everything right your software will be accepted by Google and Apple stores and you will make money every time people download it or pay for its premium features.

Furthermore, If you’re skilled you can create a Service as A Software (SAAS tool) web based software that can be accessed via the internet. If you hire developers to help  launch and improve the product functionality. When it becomes a success and gets an audience of people who are interested you can sell it through MicroAcquire as a Startup.

In case you don’t have software development skills. You can take time and learn it through platforms like Code Academy or Skillcrush.

  1. Start a Podcast

There is a huge demand in podcasts and most content marketers,  Youtubers and bloggers have turned to podcasts. If you are an expert in a specific subject you can start recording a series of podcasts about that topic and build a name for yourself like Joe Rogan, Dave Ramsey, Ted talks, crime junkie and many others.

A Podcast is a great way to build an audience. Most people like to consume content in a passive environment consequently and recording a podcast is a great opportunity.

You can monetize your podcast by selling your own products by mentioning where people can get them, especially if you have a website where you can mention the specific page they can access the product.

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You can as well find traditional sponsorship or even stream it live on YouTube and make money from ads and add links on your video description.

One  of the most popular podcast Entrepreneurs, John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, has built a great fortune as a Podcaster and he makes $250,000/month via his podcast.

Furthermore, Entrepreneur on Fire is an award-winning podcast that hosts interviews with successful and inspiring entrepreneurs  seven days per week, every week and Dumas has interviewed the likes of Seth Godin, Tony Robbins and many others.

You can use podcast hosting platforms like


Google play, 







  1. Test & Review Websites

Get paid to share your opinion by testing and reviewing websites. Websites review sessions typically last for 10 to 30 minutes. Sometimes you are required to record a video review or a written review. It depends on the platform you will use. Most website testing companies are going to pay you $10 per test like UserTesting or more. 

Here’s a list of a bunch of sites you can test and review websites for cash. 

Respondent – do 60 minute test & get paid $100










  1. Flip Websites
Flip websites

Flipping websites has become a modern trend among website entrepreneurs. Now. What’s website flipping?

 According to Jase Rodley Flipping is Investing in websites that are already making money, improving them either by increasing the amount of traffic that visits the website or making more money from the same amount of website visitors (or both), then selling the website for a profit.

You’ll make more money by flipping websites if at all you are willing to put in a considerable amount of time and energy. Most website entrepreneurs prefer buying a website because it’s an  up and running website and most importantly the groundwork is already done for you.

If you’re a social media marketing expert, Pinterest or Quora guru you could involve them as traffic sources. This will not only  improve  traffic on your website but also it might increase your monetization revenue. 

  Furthermore, you can even pitch brands to advertise directly on your site and this might even double your money income. 

Imagine if you could buy a website for $20,000 and sell it after a period of 2 years for $180,000 or more. That’s website flipping for you.

Likely, you can also build  websites from scratch and flip them after 18 months or more at platforms like:







Website brokers

Ebay and many others. 

Before starting as a website Flipper I would highly recommend you to do more research and learn the in depths (pros and cons) of websites flipping.

  1. Display ads on your Website

If you’ve a website or blog you can also monetize it by displaying ads on your page content. With display ads readers don’t need to click on the ad for you to make money.

You’ll need a lot of website traffic to make at least $500/month. If you’re a beginner it’ll take a lot of time to make that kind of money but you can consider using Pinterest and Quora as sources of traffic.

With display ads your earnings depend on the number of times the ads are viewed. Most people use Google AdSense for display ads but here are other Google AdSense alternatives…

Mediavine – 50,000 website visits p/m

Adthrive – 100,000 website visits p/m

Ezoic -25,000 website visits p/m



Gourmet Ads


  1. Create a Website for Small Businesses

Find a small business that would like to build their online presence and ask them if you can build a website for them. 

You can expand your services on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and you can close new clients. 

You can also find business websites with insecure sites and ask if you can install SSL Certificate or redo their website. 

I have personally installed SSL Certificates for some websites and I got paid  $20 and some even $50. 

There are more websites with no SSL certificates and you can install them within minutes by adding and activating a WordPress plugin called Simple SSL Certificate on their website.

  1. Manage Social Media accounts for Businesses or Individuals

Find inactive business accounts on  social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Take contact information for business or individuals. Call or Email them asking them if you could run their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts and have them pay you per month a given amount of money that you will agree to. If at all you find one client, you will start rolling in monthly payments.

 You can  do ghostwriting for other Twitter accounts. I know a friend who makes $1000 per month doing ghostwriting for another Twitter account.

Now that I have mentioned Ghostwriting let’s dive into it as a source of income. Where I will describe what it is and how to make money with it.

  1. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a common practice, though it isn’t publicized. A Ghostwriter is someone that writes copy like articles, books, blog posts, speeches, email newsletters, web copy and that is credited to someone else. 

Nowadays ghostwriting is everywhere from independent authors on Kindle books to writing posts on social media on both business and individual accounts. 

Being a ghostwriter pays exceptionally well and you can build a portfolio as a ghostwriter or use LinkedIn and Twitter to close new clients for gigs. I once hired a ghostwriter on Fiverr to write a Kindle eBook and the guy did an incredible job. Because the eBook has sold and it has  good ratings on Amazon Kindle. 

How much can you make as a ghostwriter? 

A ghostwriting project can earn you anywhere from $1000 to $20,000 and and you can even earn over $50,000 or more if the client is a celebrity. 

You can start as a Freelance Ghostwriter at known platforms like Flexjobs, SolidGigs, Freelancer, Upwork and many others.

  1. Trade Stocks
Trade Stocks

There are many ways to become a successful investor or trader on the stock market. Warren Buffett defines investing as “The process of laying out money now in the expectation of receiving more money in the future.”

Some of the steps to become a stock trader may include

  1. Consider your risk tolerance when determining the best strategy for you.
  2. Educating yourself by using sources like Investopedia.com and also joining forums or community groups so that you learn from other traders and investors. 
  3. Research different brokers like Fidelity, Webull, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation and consider their customer ratings. 
  4. Select a broker and fund your account. 
  5. Decide if you desire to invest for the long term or short term for income. 

Use a demo account to practice before placing your money on the market ( which most brokerage platform provide) 

Finally, Stock trading is not a quick scheme, most people mistake that. 

if you’ve money problems, fix it either by looking for a job or learning  new strategies and executing on demo accounts. 

The best way to learn Stock trading is going through a physical training program or course. 

Do your own diligent research if you consider being a stock trader.

  1. Learn Forex Trading
Trade forex

Just like Stock trading. Forex trading is not a rich quick scheme or gambling. It is a skill that you have to learn and execute.

The best way to learn Forex Trading is going through Training or mentorship by a skilled personnel or institution in that field. 

You can not only learn Forex through YouTube videos  but also if you want to learn faster I highly recommend going through training and you will gain skills and find your path to making more money.

If you consider the first option, learning through YouTube videos my best go to channel is TradingwithRayner and any other you can find substantial.

You can start Forex Trading from reputable and qualified platforms like



Meta Trader 4 & 5

Olymp Trade

Expert option and many others.

  1. Review Books

Do you like reading books? Then you can earn money by reading and reviewing books. All you have to do is to read and write a review and earn. When writing a review you need to be objective and bluntly honest with the content. 

With Book reviews. You do not need any special skills, but you do need to carefully read the books and put maximum effort into writing a quality, well-written, honest review to the best of your ability. 

Here is a simple list of book review sites. 

 – Kirkus – you can earn up to $60 for the review. 

-Online Book club – with prices range of $5-$60 per review. 




According to Zippia, Most Book Reviewers have a college degree in terms of their educational level and the average yearly salary of a book reviewer is $58,006.

30. Do Micro jobs

Micro jobs are all small tasks for which an individual can earn money by completing those jobs. 

Micro jobs may include online tasks, crowdsourcing projects, real world tasks, reward programs, delivery drivers, freelance gigs, surveys, online services marketplace and so on. 

To hire workers for the online tasks, the employers post their requirements on microsites and to get individuals that meet their needs and relevant skills. 

There are many platforms for doing micro jobs but here are some of them. 

Amazon Mturk










With micro jobs you can get paid between $0.01 to $5 to Complete a task. The amount varies depending upon the tasks complexity and time involved in its completion.

Majority of Micro jobs sites pay you through PayPal, Payoneer, Payza and other payment processors.

  1. Trade Cryptocurrencies

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Just like how fiat currencies are traded, you can also trade cryptocurrencies. Though the Cryptocurrency market operates 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Which means that there is no best time as price changes can happen at any time.

Cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements. The rule of buy low, sell high is the basic formula in trading, it applies to a pattern of cryptocurrency market price.

To start trading cryptocurrencies you need to have a trading strategy. Don’t be ignorant. If you’re a  newbie I highly recommend you to go through Training or you can utilize free YouTube courses. 

Here are some of the best brokers for cryptocurrency trading.







  1. Make Money with Plr products

PLR stands for private label rights while RR stands for resale rights. Resale rights products are products that you can purchase as well as you have the rights to resell them to other people to make profits.

PLR products can be eBooks, online video courses, software, plugins, value packed articles.

How to make money with Plr products

There are many ways to make money with Plr products and most Plr sites add new products every month. Here are some tips to monetize Plr products. 

– You can rebrand and resell the products on Ebay and get paid, especially eBooks. I did this when I was starting out with online business some years ago and it did pay. 

– You can create a Mega pack of Plr products to increase value and over deliver on what your customers pay for. 

– You can also consider selling Plr products on Fiverr keeping in mind the selling rights of your chosen products. 

Finally, you can use Plr products to create your own information products or combine a few articles of the same category to create a high quality eBook and sell it on Ebay. Apart from Ebay you can also sell Plr eBooks on platforms like Gumroads and Payhip. 

Here are some Plr platforms that you can get both free and paid Plr products that you can sell. 







Exclusive niches

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to start your freelance business or side hustle.

3 steps To start selling on Fiverr all you need is to

-Sign up for free

-Set up your gig

-Offer your work to the global audience.

Here’s a list of services you can sell on Fiverr. 

Graphic design 


Website development 


Ad campaigns 


NFT Artist

Virtual Assistant 

Social Media Marketing 

Logo design 

Landing page 

Design Book Covers 




Article writing 



Pinterest pin 

Writing Reviews 

Create video 

Digital Marketing and many others

You can Find more services that you can offer on Fiverr by Creating a Free Account.

  1. Build Landing pages

A landing page is a web page that is displayed when a potential customer clicks an advertisement or a search engine result link – its purpose is usually to drive conversions. 

If you have web design skills you can create landing pages for individuals or businesses and get paid. You can even build a digital agency for creating landing pages for businesses. 

Most digital agencies create landing pages and charge from $500 to $3000. Creating a custom landing page costs from $2000 to $5000.

If you don’t know web design you can create time and learn it through YouTube videos or go through a course. 

Here is a list of  both  free and paid landing page builders you can consider to use. 



Active Campaign 


Carrd – best free to use 

Swipe pages





  1. Web Design
Web Design

Web design is the art of planning and arranging content on a website so that it can be shared and accessed online with the world.

Hence, web designers require their own unique set of tools to create and design websites based on the purpose of the website.

One of the best software for web designers is Milanote which is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.

Good design is not about what medium you’re working in. It’s thinking hard about what you have to work with before you start.

Web designers use page builders to save  time and energy for the workforce. Some of the best page builder themes include Themify, Thrive Suite and Elementor.

If you want to be a web designer you may charge between $500 to over $5000 per website depending on the complexity and severity of the job or your expertise. Web designing is a great way to make money online or anywhere as long you have the required computer skills you can make a lot of grands online.

  1. Take Photos and Sell

The internet has become a great place for photographers to sell their photos and make money online. 

Even If you are either an amateur or a pro photographer you can sell your stock photos, fine art photography or photo printed products and cash real money.

 Stock photography sites have different rules and you will be required to go through an approval process. In terms of payment, different stock sites offer different commission structures. To start making money by selling photos.

Below is a list of the best places for you to sell your photos online and make money in a proven way.

Adobe Stock



Getty images




  1. Real Estate
Real Estates

Real estate is a form of real property ownership. It consists of land and improvements, which include buildings and other assets with physical form.

It can be used for residential, commercial or  industrial purposes, raw land and special use.

Furthermore, real estate investment is a passive income stream that a person owns and can be used to determine an economy’s health.

This  business deals with the buying, selling, management or investment of real estate properties. The most common way to make money on real estate is through appreciation of property value.

Does Real Estate really pay?

The median annual pay for real estate agents earnings range from $25,000 or less to more than $1 million annually. According to most most recent data available from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. While for average real estate investors salary sits between $70,000 and $124,000.

If you feel like Real Estate is your thing, you can do more research about it and learn the proper ways to do it. Real Estate is a great proven way to make money online or anywhere. One of the go to people is Grant Cardone who has built a fortune in the real estate business.

From the above 37 proven ways to make money online or anywhere you can choose high income skills that will keep generating your passive income every month. Some of the high income skills that can help you earn passive  include: 



Affiliate marketing

Email Marketing

Real Estate


Amazon FBA

Creating Online Courses 


Build and Sell Software 

Flipping Websites 


Stocks & Forex Trading 

Building Landing pages 

Not only do I recommend the ones that I have listed but also you can choose the one that interests you.

Thanks for taking your time to read this comprehensive guide about the 37 proven ways to make money online or anywhere until the end.

To your success.

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