4 Things to Know About Auto Insurance Cards


4 Things to Know About Auto Insurance Cards

Most people are aware that they are legally
required to carry their license, registration, and proof of insurance
while driving. But when it comes to auto insurance cards, many people have
questions, like why do I need to have an insurance card? What information is
stored on an insurance card? How often do I need to update my insurance card?
Can I carry my insurance card electronically?


We’ve got the answers to your questions here!
Continue reading below to learn about auto insurance cards and why they are


Why Do
I Need to Have an Insurance Card?


Insurance cards, also known as insurance ID
cards, act as proof of insurance. When you register a vehicle in New York
State, the Department
of Motor Vehicles
requires a copy of your insurance card as proof of
insurance coverage, as well as electronic confirmation from the insurer, in
order to complete the registration. When registering a vehicle, drivers must
provide the DMV with proof of insurance within 180 days of the
coverage’s effective date.

Additionally, the name on the insurance card
and registration must match.

New York State law requires motorists to have
Personal Injury Protection, Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability,
and Statutory Uninsured Motorist coverages to register a vehicle.


If your vehicle’s registration is suspended as
a result of lapsed insurance, you will need to renew your policy and provide a
new insurance card in order to have your vehicle registered again.


Furthermore, drivers are required to carry
proof of insurance while on the road in order to
present it to law enforcement in the event of an accident or traffic stop.


Information Is Stored on an Insurance Card?


Your insurance card contains different
identifying information pertaining to you, your vehicle, and your insurance policy, including:


Your name and address

Policy number

Coverage effective and expiration

Your vehicle’s year, make, model,
and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Your insurer or your agent’s name
and address

A 3-digit code identifying your


Often Do I Need to Update My Insurance Card?


Most insurance companies offer auto insurance in 6-month policies, with some
offering 12-month policies. Your insurer will send you two copies of your
insurance card upon the policy being issued. It’s a good idea to keep one copy
in your vehicle, and one copy on hand for instances in which you must provide
proof of insurance, like when registering a vehicle at the DMV.


When you pay your premium and renew your auto
insurance, you will receive two updated insurance cards in the mail. When you
receive new insurance cards, make sure you replace the old ones in your vehicle
so that if you need to present proof of insurance, you have the right copy


Make sure you are aware of when your auto
insurance policy expires to ensure your insurance is up
to date and to avoid any lapses.


Can I
Carry My Insurance Card Electronically?


In 2015, New York State changed a regulation
in order to allow motorists to offer proof of insurance electronically. This
means you can store and carry your insurance card on your smartphone, which
enables you to ensure you have the most recent version available in a
convenient location.


NYCM Insurance unveiled its newest mobile app
which allows policyholders to store their insurance ID cards all in one place
on their smartphone. The app enables policyholders to have a quick view of
their insurance ID cards, as well as PDF versions, which display your insurance
cards exactly as they appear in paper format.


By carrying your insurance card
electronically, you can be sure that you are always able to provide proof of
your coverage so long as you have your device and an insurance policy. You can
also worry less about your insurance card being lost or stolen and feel good
about going paperless and eco-friendly!


If you have a policy with NYCM Insurance,
don’t forget to download the mobile app where all of your insurance ID cards
are conveniently available in one place.


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4 Things to Know About Auto Insurance Cards