6.4 million people applied for the NPower Batch-C program – According to FG


Sadiya Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, revealed on Tuesday that the Federal Government received 6.4 million applications for its NPower Batch-C youth empowerment scheme.

NPower is a federal government initiative launched in June 2016 to combat youth unemployment and promote social development.

She told a crowd in Abuja at the humanitarian ministry’s open house event/inauguration of the Internally Displaced Persons Policy that 510,000 people had applied and 490,000 would be accepted.

“The ministry successfully departed the 500,000 Batches A and B NPower beneficiaries in 2020,” Farouq stated, “and received nearly 6.4 million Batch C applications.”

“From Batches A and B, 109,823 recipients have gone on to start enterprises in their communities, demonstrating the NPower program’s effectiveness and value.”

“Currently, 510,000 people are enrolled in Batch-C stream 1 and benefiting from the program, with an additional 490,000 expected to join following presidential approval to boost the number to one million.”

The Minister stated at the launch of the National Policy for Internally Displaced Persons that the policy was approved by the Federal Executive Council in September 2021.

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“The process of formulating and adopting the policy began in 2001, and throughout that time, the initial draft of the policy has been revised multiple times to reflect new realities and evolving trends in Nigeria’s humanitarian sector,” Farouq said.

“This policy aims to offer a framework for national responsibility in the prevention and protection of citizens and, in some situations, non-citizens from arbitrary and other types of internal displacement,” she continued.

“It will satisfy their support and protection needs while they are displaced, as well as their rehabilitation, return, reintegration, and relocation after they have been displaced.”

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