Boiler Technician Needed


In Yellowstone National Park, we want you to join our team as an Old Faithful Boiler Tech!
The Boiler Technician is in charge of making sure that the boilers and other equipment work and that they stay in good shape every day. Don’t miss this chance to live and work in the first national park in the United States.

The specifics

An overview of the full-time job During the whole year,
Hours of Work: 40+ Hours a Week
Location: Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful is in this place.
Housing is given out (for a nominal fee)

The Most Important

A valid driver’s license and a clean record are needed.
You must be at least 21 years old to play.

The advantages of having a job

In health care, there are good things about it.
Time off from work that is paid
There are discounts for people who have a Sick Time 401k.

In Yellowstone National Park, why not stay at a lodge and enjoy the park?

The people who work at the park are friendly, work hard, care about the environment, and enjoy making memories for people who come in. As part of the Xanterra Travel Collection, we are the main concessioner in Yellowstone. As such, we are proud to be the park’s guardians.


Steam and hot water boilers, as well as valves, pumps, pipelines, heat exchangers, boiler/motor control circuits, and other systems, are used, kept up on, and fixed.
Keeping track of boiler fuel stockpiles and making sure they match up.
Keeping track of how much time and money it takes to run, maintain, and repair boilers and boiler-related systems.
Chemical tests and treatments are done on boiler water, condensate, and hydronic systems.
Take care to make sure that the boiler’s safety features are working.
It’s important to keep an eye on and notice changes in how much boiler feed water is used.
Assisting with extra tasks as needed.

Know-how and skills:

The job of the Old Faithful Year-Round Boiler Technician is to do the following:

The person should have at least two years of experience operating and maintaining steam boilers on the job.
Boiler water chemistry testing and treatment processes must be learned.
Microsoft Office skills and the ability to learn a company’s CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software quickly are important for this job.
Be aware of OSHA rules and how to use personal protective equipment.
You must read, understand, and follow all of the rules and regulations at work.
Possess the ability and willingness to keep learning about boilers and getting certified as a boiler technician.
It’s important to be fit to do this.

The person who works on the old-fashioned year-round boiler:

It’s possible that you’ll be obliged to wear respiratory protection and follow all applicable requirements.
It is important to be able to see different colors (required for boiler water testing).
You must be able to walk for a long time over difficult terrain and climb steps and ladders in all kinds of weather to be a good hunter.
Lifting things that weigh up to 50 pounds is required.
must be able to work in hot and humid conditions and do hard tasks (boiler rooms).
He or she may have to stand, bend, kneel, or crawl to do his or her job.

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