Britain will supply attack drones, armoured vehicles and heavy artillery to Ukraine to fight off Russia


The United Kingdom will give Ukraine with ‘kamikaze’ attack drones to combat Russian aggression, as the West prepares to ramp up backing for the country’s ‘long-term’ security, including armored vehicles and heavy artillery.
The United Kingdom is prepared to send single-use ‘loiter’ weaponry similar to the Switchblade drone used by the United States.
Essentially, a flying bomb that is deliberately dropped on targets from afar.

The West has agreed to provide more military help, including armored vehicles and heavy artillery.

The United Kingdom is to give Ukraine with ‘kamikaze’ drones as the West increases military aid to the country in response to Russia’s incursion.

The UK is planning to send single-use 'loiter' weapons similar to the US Switchblade UAV (pictured), essentially a flying bomb which is is remotely crashed into targets.
Britain will supply attack drones, armoured vehicles and heavy artillery to Ukraine to fight off Russia

The United Kingdom intends to send single-use ‘loiter’ weapons akin to the US Switchblade UAV, which is essentially a flying bomb that is purposefully crashed into targets from afar.

Anti-air and anti-ship systems capable of targeting ships in the Black Sea might also be dispatched.

The action comes after Western governments agreed to provide Kyiv with further military aid, including armored vehicles and heavy artillery.

A summit of 35 nations convened by the UK ‘agreed to broadening its package of military support for Ukraine and examined new means of supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the longer term,’ according to the Ministry of Defence.

Australia will provide armoured vehicles to Ukraine, according to Morrison.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced today that his country will send armored Bushmaster vehicles to Ukraine to assist in the country’s fight against Russia.

During a video appeal to Australian MPs for greater aid, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy particularly requested them.

On Thursday, Zelenskyy addressed the Australian Parliament, requesting four-wheel-drive vehicles made in Australia (above).

Morrison told reporters that the vehicles would be sent by Boeing C-17 Globemaster transport planes, but he didn’t say how many Bushmasters would be delivered or when they would arrive.

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‘We’re not only sending our prayers; we’re sending our guns, munitions, humanitarian aid, all of this, our body armor, all of this, and we’re going to be sending our armored vehicles, our Bushmasters as well,’ Morrison stated.

Thousands of anti-tank weaponry have already been deployed to Ukraine by the United Kingdom. However, Nato states continue to reject Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky’s requests for tanks and fighter planes.

‘As a result of this, there will be more lethal aid going into Ukraine,’ Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said last night on Sky News. Because of what the Russian army has been doing, which is now digging in and starting to pound these cities with artillery, Ukraine requires longer-range artillery.

‘The best counter is additional long-range artillery, therefore [Ukraine] will look for and acquire more long-range artillery, mostly ammunition.’

‘They’re also on the lookout for armoured vehicles of various types — not necessarily tanks, but certainly protective vehicles, as well as more anti-air [weapons].’ As a result of this conference, all of this will be revealed.’

It comes as more evidence mounts that the February invasion is stalling. Vladimir Putin, according to Mr Wallace, “is now a man in a cage he made himself.”

As the Russian war on Ukraine approached its 37th day, the Defense Secretary stated that Russia’s president no longer possessed the ‘power’ that he formerly possessed.

‘President Putin is not the force he used to be,’ he claimed in an interview with Sky News. He is now a man imprisoned in a cage he constructed himself.

‘His force is depleted, and he has sustained heavy losses.’ The prestige of Russia’s great army has been tarnished.

‘He must not only bear the consequences of what he is doing to Ukraine, but he must also bear the consequences of what he is doing to his own troops.’

‘It’s something we’ve seen before. It constantly seems to get worse. More civilians are targeted, and more civilian places are targeted.’

Britain has cautioned President Zelensky to stand firm in the face of Russian aggression, fearing that other allies may press him to agree to a hastily negotiated peace settlement that benefits Putin.

The Kremlin announced earlier this week that it would withdraw some of its forces from Kyiv and Chernihiv if negotiations in Turkey advanced, implying that work toward a ceasefire had begun.

Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, told Sky News last night: ‘As a result of today, additional lethal aid will be sent to Ukraine.’

However, government officials are anxious that US Vice President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may press Zelensky to make considerable concessions in order to establish a peace agreement as soon as possible.

The aforementioned allied leaders looked ‘over-eager,’ according to a senior government source, to reach a peace deal, which might see Putin benefit from lower sanctions and avoid prosecution as a war criminal, among other concessions, in exchange for an end to hostilities in Ukraine.

‘Some of our allies may be too ready for [Zelensky] to settle,’ the insider added, before adding, ‘Before those discussions can take place, Ukraine must be in the strongest possible military position.’

Meanwhile, Zelensky is believed to have conveyed concern to Boris Johnson about Russia’s apparent reduction in military action in crucial regions, suggesting that Russian negotiators may be pretending progress in peace talks in order to buy time for fighting forces to reorganize and reposition.

It comes as Russian forces pulled out of a number of positions around Kiev, including the Hostomel airport, which is regarded to be a crucial strategic location, and the Chernobyl nuclear power facility, which they had held since the invasion began.

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