Canadian Passport Application – How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

Canadian Passport
Canadian Passport Application - How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

This article will lead you through the process of obtaining a Canadian passport. E-passports are issued by the Canadian government to its citizens.

The e-passport looks and functions similarly to the 36-page book, except it includes a data chip. The e-passport includes basic information that may be used to verify someone’s identification.

As a Canadian citizen, you must carry your passport as proof of identity while traveling across borders. Before being admitted to a nation, you must provide your passport, which will be scanned to verify your identity.

The Canadian passport is ranked 10th best in the world by Montreal-based financial business Arton Capital’s Global Passport Index. You may visit over 114 countries without a visa if you have a Canadian passport.

Benefits of a Canadian Passport Application

If you complete the processes to apply for a Canadian passport and are approved, you may expect to receive the following advantages.

To assist you in identifying yourself and preventing fraud or identity theft.

Anywhere in the globe, a Canadian passport is used to identify Canadian citizens.

An e-Passport is used to identify a person’s nation of origin, the country from which they are traveling, and the country to which they are traveling.

Privacy protection has been improved.

Automated passport readers make it simple to enter and depart at border crossings.

The Documents and Requirements for Obtaining a Canadian Passport

Identification as a Canadian citizen

A legal document that verifies your identification.

Two passport photos that are identical

You must have a valid and recent Canadian travel document in your name.

Your application form must be signed and validated by a guarantor within the last 12 months.

Additional papers (such as a language test result) may be required in their original copies, and those that are not

Written in English or French, with a good translation, will be submitted.

The Passport Application Process in Canada

A Canadian passport is a travel document that may be used to travel throughout the world by Canadian citizens. You must be a Canadian citizen to apply for a Canadian passport.

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Canadian Passport Application – How to Apply for a Canadian Passpor
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How to Apply for a Canadian Passport – Steps To Get Your Canadian Passport

To apply for a Canadian passport, you must be 16 years and above, and a Canadian citizen. Parents or guardians may apply for their young children. Here are a few steps to apply with

  1. Download or get the Application form from IRCC official website, or the Passport office directly.
  2. Fill out the form correctly and sign each page of the application form.
  3. Attach all documents that are vital along with the form, especially the 2 identical passport photographs.
  4. Get a guarantor and 2 references that will help confirm your identity.
  5. Your guarantor can be:
    • Anyone who has known you for at least 2 years;
    • Must be a Canadian citizen above 18 years;
    • Should have a valid Canadian passport, or at least have a passport that has not expired for more than a year.
  6. Submit your application to the appropriate Passport office or portal, and pay all the required fees.
  7. Pick up your new passport.

How to Apply for a Canada Passport In Canada

How you apply depends on how soon you need a passport.

  • 2 business days or less: Visit a passport office.
  • 3 to 25 business days: Book an appointment or visit a passport office.
  • 26 business days or more: Visit a Service Canada Centre or apply by mail.

Application for a Canadian Passport In the United States

You must apply by mail.

If you need a passport urgently: Contact the nearest Government of Canada office in the United States.

How to Apply for a Canadian Passport From Outside Canada and the United States

You must apply at a Government of Canada office abroad.

If you need a passport urgently, Contact the nearest Government of Canada office

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