Chelsea Clinton ‘Hasn’t Heard’ Reports About Mom Hillary returning to politics again

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The former first lady’s daughter stated that she would back her mother if she decided to run for re-election in the future.

Chelsea Clinton, 42, is unsure whether her mother, Hillary Clinton, has any ambitions to return to politics! During an appearance on The View on Wednesday, March 2, the activist and author stated that she was unaware of speculations that former First Lady Hillary Clinton, 74, will run for public office again following her 2016 presidential campaign. Regardless of whether Chelsea is aware of her mother’s plans to run for another term in office, she stated that she would unquestionably support her.

Following a conversation about Chelsea’s children’s book series, She Persisted, Joy Behar remarked that there has been some chatter about Hillary perhaps returning to the campaign trail. Of course, she had to ask Chelsea if she was aware of her mother’s plans for the future. “I haven’t heard any rumors about her or anything from her, but I will back her in whatever she chooses to do and wherever she chooses to do it,” I said. “Always,” she stated emphatically. “I have a strong attachment to my mother.”
Additionally, Chelsea stated in the interview that one of the issues she is most passionate about before the midterm elections is voting rights. “My primary concern is that everyone has the opportunity to vote. I sincerely hope that Congress passes the John Lewis Voting Rights Act because I believe that everyone should have the right to vote. Those who are over 100 years old and require mail-in voting or early voting to ensure that their voices are heard,” she said. “I’m looking for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, the kid who is excited to turn 18 and is going to cast his first ballot, the kid who is excited to turn 18 and is going to cast his first ballot, and the Americans who are over 100 years old and require mail-in voting or early voting to ensure that their voice is heard.”

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The former Secretary of State has certainly kept herself busy since her 2016 opponent, former President Donald Trump, stepped down from his position in 2021, regardless of whether she decides to run for president again in 2024 (or for an other public job). A reality series for AppleTV+ called Gutsy Women has been in development by the mother-daughter team for some time, and Chelsea and Hillary were photographed working on an episode of the show with Kim Kardashian, 41, in a Los Angeles coffeeshop in January. According to an eyewitness who spoke to HollywoodLife, the three women got along really well during their brief encounter. In their own words, “They appeared to be really getting along and to have an easy rapport with each other.” “Hillary appeared a little more at ease with the setting and Chelsea was loving the situation and was really looking at her mom and Kim interact.”
She also ridiculed Trump after rumors of him flushing official records during his presidency surfaced on February 11th, in addition to working on the show. With the help of her Onward Together business, she began selling unique Galentine’s Day baseball caps with the phrase “But her emails” printed across the front, with all proceeds going toward the protection of voting rights in the United States.