Conor Mcgregor; Love Can Solve All Difficulties

Conor Mcgregor; Love Can Solve All Difficulties

“We’ve been together for eight years at this point. We reside in Ireland, around 30 miles outside of Dublin, in a leased apartment with no job prospects.

I don’t have a job because I devote all of my time to training. My ambition has always been to compete at the highest level.

She believed in me, and despite the fact that she didn’t have much money, she made an effort to look after my diet. I had to eat athlete’s food and respect food, and she made sure that happened. She was there for me every step of the way.

When I returned home from a rigorous training session, exhausted and depleted of energy, she constantly encouraged me, “Conor, I believe you can accomplish this.”

And now I’m making millions of dollars fighting for my country. There are 50-70 thousand people in attendance for my battles. I have the ability to purchase any automobile, any clothing, and any home.

She didn’t ask for anything, yet she deserves to be surrounded by the most beautiful things on the planet. She is always at my side, encouraging me to believe that I am capable of anything.

If I am where I am today, it is entirely because to her, who has never let me down and has never left me alone.” – Conor Mcgregor is a professional boxer.

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