Gareth Southgate wins best coach award as Emma Raducanu iscrowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021

Gareth Southgate wins best coach award as Emma Raducanu iscrowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021

Gareth Southgate wins best coach award as Emma Raducanu iscrowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021

On another historic night for Britain’s teenage phenomenon, Emma Raducanu was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

The 19-year-old from Bromley became the first woman to win British sport’s largest popularity contest in 15 years, in possibly the most predetermined public vote the flagship awards ceremony has ever seen.

Raducanu, whose incredible run to the US Open title – called the New York fairy-tale – was one of sport’s greatest wins and was seen by 9.2 million people on Channel 4, took first position ahead of Tom Daley in second and Adam Peaty in third.

After 14 consecutive male winners since Zara Phillips took the trophy in 2006, she ended the show’s longest wait for a female winner.

Raducanu was the 14th woman to win the primary prize since Spoty’s inception 67 years ago, and the first adolescent to accomplish so since the turn of the millennium.

“I’ve watched Sports Personality of the Year growing up, so I’m incredibly humbled to join the fantastic prior winners,” Raducanu, who was compelled to accept a small replica of the winners’ trophy after testing positive for coronavirus while practicing in Abu Dhabi for the Australian Open, said.

Raducanu’s undisputed highlight of the year was her victory at the US Open.

courtesy of USA TODAY

“I’d want to express my gratitude to all of the voters and fans for their overwhelming support over the past year. It’s been a complete whirlwind.”

Raducanu was recognized for one of the most spectacular grand slam victories in tennis history, becoming the first qualifier to win a major, the first player to win on their second main-draw appearance, the first British women’s winner in 44 years, and the youngest in more than 60.

Even more incredible, she did all of this without dropping a single set throughout the tournament. Because Amazon Prime Video, which owned the rights, struck an agreement with Channel 4, 9.2 million people in the United Kingdom were able to watch.

Raducanu’s victory came less than three months after making her WTA Tour debut, and less than two years after she first captured the nation’s hearts at Wimbledon, where she became the youngest British woman to reach the last 16 in the Open era before being cruelly forced to withdraw due to breathing difficulties.

Because of her half-Chinese, half-Romanian ancestry, she became one of the UK’s youngest sporting millionaires most sought-after stars in September, attending the Met Gala and a James Bond premiere and was predicted to become the country’s richest athlete.

She maintained she was still the same person from Bromley before her success, saying, “I feel the entire same and everyone around me is absolutely the same and maintaining me in my position 100 percent.”

“It’s been wonderful how warm and nice everyone has been when I returned home and about.” In terms of my thinking, though, nothing really altered.

“My folks aren’t the type to make a big deal out of everything wonderful that I do.

“They’ve all been average: nothing too huge, nothing too small.” That’s just how my parents raised me.”

Raducanu knocked over Raheem Sterling, Tyson Fury, and Dame Sarah Storey on a six-strong shortlist, as well as Daley and Peaty for the main prize.

Gareth Southgate was named Coach of the Year and England Team of the Year for leading his country to the final of the European Championship, the country’s first major final in 55 years.

Coach of the Year was awarded to Gareth Southgate.


After being the first woman to win the Grand National in its 182-year history, Rachael Blackmore was voted World Sport Star, while Olympic medalist Sky Brown, 13, was named Young Sports Personality of the Year.

Following the discovery of the omicron version of Covid-19, the awards event experienced possibly its most hectic build-up ever.

Plans to film the ceremony in front of 500 of Britain’s top athletes in 2021 were shattered with less than a week to go, as the event was effectively forced behind closed doors for the second year in a row – with many instead participating remotely from their homes.

That comes after it was disclosed by Telegraph Sport that top athletes had declined invitations to an event six days before Christmas Day because they would be forced to cancel their holiday plans if they contracted Covid-19 there – or if they came into touch with someone infected with the disease.

The news that Raducanu had tested positive and had commenced a period of self-isolation dramatically overshadowed the announcement of the main prize shortlist a few days later.

That was on top of Fury’s promise to sue the BBC if he was named on the shortlist from last year, as well as the more conventional squabble over who made the cut and who didn’t.

Sir Lewis Hamilton was among a magnificent ensemble of 2021 sporting stars who missed out because to the corporation’s adamant refusal to stray from a six-strong pool of contenders in what was an Olympic and Paralympic year – despite doing so in 2012 and 2016.

Josh Taylor, the first British boxer to be crowned a four-belt undisputed world champion, wrote on Twitter in May: “May 22nd 2021. In the four-belt era, he was the first individual from the United Kingdom to become undisputed world boxing champion and to hold all of the championship belts. “Shoot yer Spoty up a—-, #HistoryMaker.”

Hamilton’s omission was all the more bizarre given that, according to the Telegraph, he would have been a seventh nominee if he hadn’t been brutally denied a record-breaking eighth Formula One world title last weekend.

Cycling took the largest hit in the Spoty poll, with Jason and Laura Kenny, as well as Mark Cavendish, all missing out despite setting or breaking important records this year. Cavendish joined Eddie Mercx on 34 Tour de France stage wins, making the Kennys Britain’s most successful male and female Olympians.

How the 2021 Sports Personality of the Year Awards Night Played Out


The victors
The primary Sports Personality of the Year award goes to Emma Raducanu.

Sky Brown is the winner of the Young Sports Personality of the Year award.

Jen Beattie of Arsenal has won the Helen Rollason Award for her efforts with breast cancer.

Rachael Blackmore is the winner of the World Sports Star of the Year award.

Simone Biles is the youngest-ever winner of the lifetime achievement award.

England’s men’s football team was named team of the year, while Gareth Southgate was named coach of the year.

Jim White’s REAL Sports Personalities of the Year, in his opinion

The build-up has been chaotic: Lewis Hamilton has been snubbed, and Raducanu, the winner-elect, has Covid.


According to Judy Murray of the Telegraph, we all need to allow Emma time and space to grow.

Emma Raducanu’s victory in the Spoty was never in doubt, but we should allow her the time and space she needs to improve her game.

“Was there ever any question that Emma Raducanu would be named BBC Sports Personality of the Year, making her the first woman to win the accolade in 15 years?” I’m usually skeptical of the large football vote in SPOTY, but Sunday night proved that even people who aren’t very interested in tennis have been completely enthralled by this incredible young woman’s Cinderella journey over the past six months.”


Emma Raducanu is a Romanian actress.
“I am honored and delighted to be among the winners. It’s fantastic for tennis in the United Kingdom. Thank you to all of the fans who have shown such incredible support. Thank you very much. I’d like to express my gratitude to my teammates, previous coaches, and the LTA. It is undeniably a collaborative effort.”


Laura Kenny announces the winner, who is Emma Raducanu.


It’s time to declare a winner.
Adam Peaty is in third place. Tom Daley is in second position….


The segment dedicated to the deceased hits all of the appropriate notes. What a list: Saint, Greavesie, Roger Hunt, Ted Dexter, Murray Walker, and Frank Williams.


Coach of the Year is Gareth Southgate. He expresses gratitude to his team and teammates.

“It’s no secret that you can only play 11 at a time,” Jude Bellingham says. “However, even when you’re not playing, you feel pushed, loved, and that there are people in place to assist you.”


The men’s football team of England has been named team of the year.

“I’m aware that other teams have won trophies, but I believe our team did a fantastic job representing the country on and off the field.”


It’s shaping out to be a wonderful night for female athletes. Sky Brown was the recipient of the Young Award. Helen Rollason is won by Jen Beattie. Rachael Blackmore takes home the title of World Sports Star of the Year. Simone Biles receives the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The primary award has closed voting, and Emma R. will undoubtedly win it.


Rachael Blackmore, the 2021 World Sports Star, is being interviewed from what appears to be a corridor in Manchester airport.

First woman to win the Grand National and to be named top jockey at the Cheltenham Festival.
Rachael Blackmore is the first jockey to win BBC World Sport Star 2021. #SPOTY

December 19, 2021 — Sporting Life Racing (@SportingLife)


The polls will close in five minutes.


Simone Biles receives the lifetime achievement award and is featured in a video about her childhood and family. What a remarkable individual she is. The courage.

She made a video thank you from her home in Texas, discussing her “invisible injury.”


Jason and Laura Kenny join us to discuss their child’s progress in learning to ride a bike. You can’t dispute that it’s unmissable material.


Jen Beattie has been awarded the Helen Rollason Award for her work in the field of breast cancer screening.


Sam Barlow, who started a running/exercise program for other local moms that has really taken off, receives the Unsung Hero Community Award. She appears to be a wonderful person.

“The Fit Mums and Friends club she founded in Hull in 2009 to bring women together to get active nominated Sam Barlow.

It has since expanded to include children and fathers, with 11 adult and four junior athletics clubs spread over Hull.

Barlow founded a fitness and support club for individuals grieving after her husband, Mike, died of cancer last year, and it continues to inspire other volunteers and coaches.

Sports Personality of the Year was chosen by a panel of specialists from 15 local award winners, and Barlow says it was the one night she and her husband would always spend together in front of the TV, and that “Mike would be amazed that this is happening.”


“Newcastle is a difficult place to come,” said Raheem Sterling in an earlier interview.

Is it?

“Playing at Wembley in the build-up to the Euros was a childhood ambition of mine.” I grew up just yards away, so that’s always a plus. We have top-level players, and when we play against the best teams, Germant, we are confident that we can win.”

While feeding my one-week-old, I sat watching #SPOTY. In hindsight, it was a fairly wonderful tournament for her to ‘attend,’ given it was the first time I’d been able to view any highlights from the Euros. Much better than her sister, whose most recent ‘bump’ matches were away matches against Burton and QPR.

December 19, 2021 — Becky Gamester-Newton (@BeckyGamesterN)


Raheem, according to Gareth
“His all-around game is extremely dangerous. Being from Wembley, he felt a feeling of destiny. That entire summer, he was incredible.”


Gareth Southgate is embarking on “an incredible journey.” But, of course, you consider what could have been. For a few weeks, we brought an entire country with us. This year, I played in 19 games, but the penalty shootout was the only disappointment.”

“It’s been a year since the World Cup final,” Gabby says.

“Well, with all due respect, it would be nice if we weren’t here then!” Gareth says.


Tom Daley is the mayor of Chicago.
“I’m disappointed that my father was unable to witness my gold medal victory. It’s been a long and winding road. I had begun to believe that the gold medal would not be mine. On the podium, I was a blubbering mess. I got this vision of myself standing there singing the national anthem, but I couldn’t even breathe!

“I’m married, have a different point of view, and I have a child.” I’m proud to have competed in the Olympics as a homosexual guy and to have felt comfortable doing so. And there are many people in the globe who are unable to do so. Some people growing up in different nations require our assistance in order to be their true selves and participate in sports. It’s critical that we make sport accessible to everyone.”


Emma Raducanu is a Romanian actress.
From Dubai (?) he joins via video link. Perhaps Abu Dhabi. That sort of thing.

She’s on the mend from Covid. “I’ve always been a fan of SPOTY, and it’s weird to be included among the other excellent contenders.” Everyone has been so friendly and encouraging, but my attitude hasn’t altered much. My parents never make a big deal out of anything I do that is excellent! Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small. In 2022, I hope to learn and grow. “I’m excited to get started.”

“I am incredibly grateful that he was there and part of the adventure,” she says of Tim Henman.


Steve Bunce now provides the Tyson Fury portion.

For me, there are only two competitors this year: Tyson and Emma R. That fight vs Deontay was incredible. Wilder knocked him down twice, but he rose up from the canvas. Bunce claims it’s “one of the best ever,” and he’s right.

“Unfortunately, Tyson will not be able to join us tonight,” Gabby Logan adds.


Sky Brown is the winner of the Young Sports Personality of the Year award.

Brown, Sky
“I honestly can’t believe it.” I am quite grateful. Because I’m standing next to two incredible people, I don’t believe I deserve it. I aspire to make the United Kingdom proud, and I believe I have succeeded. I want to inspire young females and show them that skateboarding is something that everyone can accomplish.”


Now is the time for a young sports personality.

Sky Brown, Jude Bellingham


Eriksen, Christian
“The positive side of this is that so many people have learnt CPR and are familiar with defibrilators,” Gabby Logan explains.


The always outstanding year-end round-up is intercut with interviews with the six contenders. At the start of the year, there were so many memorable moments: Tom Brady’s Super Bowl victory, Blackmore’s victory at Cheltenham, and so on.


Dame Sarah Storey, Britain’s greatest ever paralympian, drops by for a talk. “Age is simply a number; we can always push ourselves to achieve a little more.” I’m not sure if I’ve achieved my pinnacle, but I’d like to go to Paris to find out.”


The first of the half-dozen to appear is Adam Peaty. “I want people to see my performances and say, ‘We’ve all been through a lot this year, but I want people to enjoy themselves,'” he says. He’s a kind guy. He’s talking about parenting and now Strictly Come Dancing. Gabby Logan wonders aloud, “Last Tango in Paris?” He says, “Come on, LA.”

Adam Peaty and his partner Eirianedd Munro on the red carpet at MediaCityUK, Salford, ahead of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2021.



Montage of BMX gold medalist Charlotte Worthington
Her performance in the Olympics was one of the year’s top highlights for me. It’s insane.


Alex Scott, Clare Balding, Gabby Logan, and Gary Lineker are your hosts. It’s great to see those people finally get a break.


The BBC’s coverage of SPOTY opens with a montage of sporting moments from the year, set to Sigrid’s “Home To You.” Played well.


In the home, there’s a skateboarding superstar.

Sky Brown walks the red carpet at MediaCityUK in Salford for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2021.



The Bellinghams are a family from Bellingham, Washington.

Denise Bellingham (left), Jude Bellingham (second left), Jobe Bellingham (second right), and Mark Bellingham on the red carpet at MediaCityUK in Salford ahead of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2021.



Dame Sarah Storey is pictured here.

Dame Sarah Storey on the red carpet at MediaCityUK, Salford, ahead of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2021.

David Davies/PA Wire/PA Wire/PA Wire/PA Wire/PA Wire/PA Wir

It’s unclear whether she arrived by bicycle. I don’t think so.


While we wait for things to begin, the Tottenham vs. Liverpool match has become a mini classic, complete with red cards, VAR, Klopp meltdowns, and so on. I strongly advise you to view it over here.

Emma Raducanu, a SPOTY winner, in her New York splendour.



Coming up is a sports personality.
Hello, and welcome to our live blog of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021. We hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday. The following is a list of the six people on the shortlist: Sarah Storey, Emma Raducanu, Tyson Fury, Raheem Sterling, Adam Peaty, Tom Daley Tennis, boxing, football, swimming, diving, and cycling are two women’s sports and four men’s sports. Strangely, none of England’s Ashes heroes have been named. The event begins at 6.45 p.m. on BBC1 and runs until 9 p.m.

The event, like so much of British life these days, has sparked debate from both sides. Should it go through because of Covid, should Fury be on it (he’s claimed he’s not interested and vowed to sue), and should athletes use their platform to discuss topics that, er, exercise them? Is it fair that the BBC makes such a big deal about this instead of the actual hitting of tennis balls by Deontay Wilders, the pedaling, and the splashing? Each of us will have our own point of view. If you’d like to share them, please do so in the comments, and we’ll utilize the finest ones in this blog.

Simone Biles, a true sports legend, will be honored this evening with a lifetime achievement award. “It’s incredibly humbling to receive the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award,” she remarked. I can scarcely believe it when I see the names of others who have been honored before me.

“This year wasn’t quite what I had hoped for because I had to take a break from competition to recover from an injury that was only visible to me.” This was the most difficult decision of my life, but I chose to speak out in order to illustrate that mental illness is not anything to be ashamed of.”

I strongly advise against betting on this event: Emma R is 20-1 to win the main prize.

At 12-1, Tom Daley is the second favorite, while heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury is 20-1. It would be a major upset if the bright youngster did not add this award to her trophy case, but who knows….

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