GNTM finale in the live events: Lou-Anne wins the title

GNTM finale in the live events: Lou-Anne wins the title
GNTM finale in the live events: Lou-Anne wins the title

Five more candidates are fighting for the title “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022. GALA accompanies the big GNTM finale in the live ticker.

“Germany’s Next Top Model” finale 2022: the news in the ticker
The 17th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” by Heidi Klum culminates in the grand finale. GALA accompanies all developments and events of the live show. Who will take the title? Still in the running are best ager Martina, 50, her daughter Lou-Anne, 19, and Anita, 21, Luca, 20, and Noëlla, 25.

11:06 p.m .: SHE is the GNTM winner 2022
It’s time! Only two models are in the “Germany’s Next Top Model” final. After the last walk and a final dance performance, season 17 ends with the long-awaited climax. Who gets the title?

Heidi Klum announces the winner with her famous sentence: “Germany’s next top model is … Lou-Anne!” The 19-year-old can prevail against Luca. After 16 weeks and a spectacular finale, the winner has finally been determined.

10:37 p.m.: The most difficult walk of all time
Luca and Lou-Anne now have to do everything they can to convince the jury. You only have one chance left – and it’s a tough one. Heidi Klum announces the final catwalk as the “most difficult of all time”. It quickly becomes clear why. The two models have to walk upside down on the ceiling. Not only does it take a lot of effort, it also demands enormous body tension. Which of the two masters this challenge better?

10:22 p.m .: So close to the finish: Martina has to clear the field
After the last photo shoot, Heidi Klum has to decide again. Who does she give the final chance for the title “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022? Luca is the first to do it! She also showed all her talent during the shoot. “Only one can hope now,” reminds Heidi. The decision falls between Lou-Anne and her mother Martina. Ultimately, Klum chooses Lou-Anne. Martina has to clear the field for her daughter. The 50-year-old is still celebrating a milestone: she is the first best-aged woman to ever make it to the GNTM final.

10:02 p.m .: Candidate Sophie wins the Personality Award
In 2022, viewers were allowed to vote again: Which candidate showed the most personality? 2021 Personality winner, model Liliana, receives the honor of announcing this year’s winner from Heidi Klum. It’s… GNTM participant Sophie.

Sophie uses the stage for a flaming speech: She calls on critics: inside to stop hate online and not to judge too quickly.

9:50 p.m .: Heidi Klum and Lieselotte in conversation
After the “Top 20” walk, Heidi Klum takes a few minutes to talk to one of her absolute favorite candidates: Lieselotte, 66. “You did it so well,” Heidi praises the best aging woman. In an interview, Heidi explains that she was asked a lot about the 66-year-old in Germany. Both from critics and fans. One thing is certain: Lieselotte remains a polarizing participant in this year’s season. However, she has conquered Heidi’s heart.

9:30 p.m.: Only three models progress after the second catwalk
Now we’re getting one after the other. The second decision of the evening is pending. Luca manages to convince Heidi Klum again and can continue to hope for the title. Likewise, Lou-Anne is one lap further. Who can stay? Martina or Noëlla? Heidi Klum announces: “It’s Martina!” 25-year-old Noëlla flies out of the final after Anita. A deserved fourth place!

9:01 p.m .: The first decision: Anita has to leave the show
Only 45 minutes after the official start of the show, the first decision has to be made. Noëlla and Luca can continue to fight for the title. And Lou-Anne and Martina were also able to convince. Anita has to leave the final and ends up in fifth place.

8:51 p.m .: Anita struggles with the first walk
At the first walk of the evening, the five finalists have to convince in unusual robes by designer Jeremy Scott, 46. Martina in particular shines with sovereignty. Anita is less impressive. The 21-year-old is clearly struggling with her dress and has to stop several times on the catwalk to avoid tripping. Did the designer, who sat next to Heidi on the jury couch, notice it?

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8:26 p.m .: Heidi Klum addresses the GNTM critics
GNTM has been heavily criticized in the past few weeks. A topic that Heidi does not want to leave uncommented in the finale. The model addressed all of the show’s critics immediately after the opening: “Dear critics, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you: we’re going to continue as before. Beautiful women come in all colors, shapes and ages and we will do the same in the n

show next year.”

8:15 p.m.: The show starts! Tom Kaulitz opens the finale alongside Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum, 48, opens the GNTM finale with a spectacular performance. The model sits at the piano with her husband Tom Kaulitz, 32. While Tom is playing, Heidi begins to perform her song “Chai Tea with Heidi,” which was specially recorded for the season. What Heidi and Tom cannot resist is an intense kiss in front of the large audience.

But that’s not all: Nikeata Thompson, 41, is also part of the show opening – and the eliminated candidates are also allowed to perform alongside Heidi before the Top20 walk.

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