Groundhog Day; Coping with Either of the Weather Prediction

Groundhog Day; Coping with Either of the Weather Prediction
Groundhog Day; Coping with Either of the Weather Prediction
Groundhog Day; Coping with Either of the Weather Prediction

Punxsutawney Phil, the small weatherman who predicts our fate for the next six weeks, will be eluded by his shadow this year, bringing us an early spring, as we hope every year. There’s always the chance that he’ll see his shadow and bring us another six weeks of winter.

Here’s how to deal with whatever weather old Phil has in store for us, whether it’s another month and a half of ice and snow or beautiful skies and sunlight.

If He Isn’t Aware of His Shadow:

Legend has it that if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, spring will be here soon! While we all want for warmer weather, when you live in a chilly area, there is a lot of planning that goes into getting your home, vehicle, and family ready for spring. Here are some things to think about if spring is on its way:

Spring Cleaning Preparation

Stocking up on cleaning goods for the areas of your life that need cleaning is a simple approach to be ready for spring. Don’t be scared to take your momentum outside of the house after you’ve gotten going. Perhaps your vehicle also requires a thorough cleaning. When the warmer weather arrives, being prepared will make the cleaning procedure much more efficient.

Make a to-do list for yourself.

Making a list of things you want to get done in the approaching season will assist ensure that those duties are finished when the time arrives. Perhaps you’ve been putting off painting or fantasizing about putting up a fence in your backyard.
Consider the things that are most essential to you and order your list accordingly. Then you can start planning those initiatives ahead of time.

Bulbs and Seeds for Summer Blooming

If you enjoy gardening, now is the time to order the bulbs and seeds you’ll need for the spring planting season. If you’ve always wanted to try gardening but haven’t, now is a good time to figure out where you’d like to start and what plants you’d like to grow.

Organize Your Closet

It’s vital to sift over your winter clothes before unpacking all of your warm-weather items from storage. Consider donating gently used items to charity if you have items that you haven’t touched in the winter or that no longer fit. If you have clothing that is beyond repair and is damaged or discolored, consider repurposing it as cleaning rags.

If He Notices His Own Shadow:

It is said that if young Phil sees his shadow, we will have another six weeks of cold weather.

You may have finished a lot of planning earlier in the season because we’re already in the thick of winter. Winters in New York seem to go on forever. Many of us are aching for a beach day by the time February arrives. Here are a few things you can do to assist you get through the long, cold season while still staying on top of some basic maintenance:

Make Yourself At Home

While it’s safe to say that no one enjoys scraping ice off their car or driving in a blizzard, there are certain pleasant aspects of winter that are sometimes neglected. One of them is the chance to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Stock up on comforting, cold-weather basics like fluffy blankets, your favorite candles, and hot cocoa or tea to make your room even more inviting. A fun evening may be had by experimenting with different recipes in the oven or slow cooker. The aroma of a home-cooked supper will add to the atmosphere’s allure.

Get to work!

Being physically active is one of the simplest methods to improve your mood. Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, which can make you feel happier. According to one Harvard study, just five minutes of outdoor exercise can increase self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Click here to read about some of our favorite family-friendly outdoor winter activities.

Refill the Wiper Fluid in Your Windshield

For the time being, it appears that you’ll be utilizing winterized washing fluid. You might want to pick up an extra bottle or two and fill up your car so you’re ready for the next weeks. In case of an emergency, it’s always a good idea to carry extra washer fluid in the trunk of your car.

Stock up on gasoline.

It may be time to replace your firewood, pellets, or oil stockpile, depending on how you heat your home, to keep your living quarters warm and comfy for the duration of the winter.

Whether Phil sees his shadow or not, we all know that spring will arrive eventually. To learn more about prepping your home for the approaching season, click on the link below.