Guide on how to restore a blank Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard

How to Restore Blank NASIMS Portal Payroll Dashboard

How Do I Restore My Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard After It Has Been Deleted?

We’ll show you how to restore a blank Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard while your accounts are still being credited in today’s Npower news.

Remember that the January payment was disbursed in large amounts on Thursday, April 14th, 2022. As a result, if your payroll dashboard is blank and you can’t see your payment history, look at the information below.

Blank Payroll/Dashboard:

Please attempt any of the following methods if your dashboard/payroll is blank and you are unable to determine your status on

1) Log out and then log back in. OR

2) Delete your browser’s history. OR

3) Access with a different browser.

4) To gain access, use Chrome. To get a quick look at your dashboard, switch from phone to desktop mode.

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Nasims claims that following the Easter public holiday, all formal government activities and additional disbursement will resume. Please wait patiently for your payment. Please accept my apologies for the delay.

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