Home Cleansing – Property Used – Yellowstone National Park – Xanterra Travel Collection – Yellowstone National Park, WY

Home Cleansing - Property Used - Yellowstone National Park - Xanterra Travel Collection - Yellowstone National Park, WY

Belong to a group looking after the benefit of our visitors by joining your home cleansing group in Yellowstone. The remarkable experience starts with you!

As the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone, we run 9 comfortable lodging centers supplying over 2,000 visitor areas broadened over 6 locations. Visitor accommodations include both cabins and hotel-style areas that differ from rustic to modern. Your house cleansing department utilizes great deals of possibilities for occupation advancement. Discover more about your home cleansing department.

The Info

  • Position Type: Seasonal
  • Wage: $13-15/hr based upon position
  • Season Dates: April 2022- November 2022
  • Establish: 40 hours, 5 days/per week. May include weekends, nights and trips.
  • Location: Throughout Yellowstone National Park (Canyon, Gardiner, Grant, Mammoth, Old Faithful, Roosevelt, Lake)

Advantages & Advantages

  • In-park
    property provided including Wi-Fi (very little bandwidth), laundry, and all energies ($45.74 per two-week pay period)

  • All
    meals provided including breakfast, lunch, and dinner ($164.24 per two-week pay period)

  • No Wyoming state taxes
    deducted from your earnings

  • Free
    Employee Leisure Program (sports, devices leasings, workshops, van journeys, treking, and more).

  • $350 Suggestion Advantage
    for EACH person you refer who gets used

  • Time and a half
    paid above 40 hours

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Why Choose Yellowstone National Park Lodges

We are a welcoming community who make every effort, share an authentic interest for the environment, and enjoy crafting memorable experiences for our visitors. As part of the Xanterra Travel Collection, we the primary authorized concessioner in Yellowstone, and as such, we enjoy stewards of the park.

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Applicants for a Housekeeping job will be considered for the following positions, based upon capability levels and company requirements:

Area Attendant

  • Liable for tidying up visitor areas and making them comfortable and inviting.

Area Inspector


  • Liable for tidying up public locations of our hotels/lodges and using a welcoming environment to our visitors.
  • Ability to handle a little group or separately while staying inspired and on-task.
  • Consumer assistance experience is selected as this position consists of more guest interaction than the other housekeeping positions.


  • Ability to raise to 50 pounds and walk, stand, flex, kneel and fluctuate stairs for around 8 hours per shift.
  • Ability to press or raise to 200 pounds in some cases when moving linen bins.
  • Handling chemicals

We are a Level Playing Field Business. All licensed prospects will get aspect to think about for work without regard to race, color, religions, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, across the country origin, unique requirements, or status as a secured veteran.

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