How Hunter Biden agreed to spread Chinese influence in America for $10 million a year and an $80,000 diamond

Hunter Biden reportedly agreed to help a Chinese energy company expand its influence
How Hunter Biden agreed to spread Chinese influence in America for $10 million a year and an $80,000 diamond

Hunter Biden was presented with a $80,000 diamond by the chairman of a Chinese energy company after agreeing to assist the company develop by arranging ‘introductions’ for $10 million per year.
According to a new book, Laptop from Hell, Hunter Biden worked to spread Chinese influence in America for a yearly salary of $10 million and a $80,000 diamond ring.
Devine writes in her book that James Gilliar, a former SAS officer, advised Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China, to form a partnership with the Bidens, according to Devine.

Following his connection with Hunter Biden through family friend Rob Walker Gilliar, he reportedly sought the assistance of Tony Bobulinski in the establishment of a Chinese joint venture, subsequently revealing that it was for Hunter Biden and the CEFC China (China Economic and Financial Corporation).
Devine reports that Ye promised Hunter $10 million a year for three years in exchange for a diamond worth $80,000, and that Hunter accepted the offer.
The Department of Treasury judged Rob Walker’s bank accounts’ suspicious’ after $6 million was wired into his accounts a short time afterwards.
Hunter reportedly began receiving regular payments from Walker’s company shortly after.
She claims that the Biden family offered their services to CEFC in order to help the company expand its operations around the world, based on hundreds of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019, and transcripts of WhatsApp messages, among other evidence.

Hunter Biden received $10 million a year for three years, according to Devine, as well as a diamond worth at least $80,000 in exchange for his services.
She writes in her new book, which will be published on Tuesday, that Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, was tasked with expanding the Chinese energy consortium’s influence around the world, and former SAS officer James Gilliar recommended that he team up with the Biden family to accomplish this goal.

The connection between Ye and Hunter Biden is said to have been made by Gilliar through Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had worked as Jill Biden’s secretary when she served as second lady.

Ye and CEFC Executive Director Jianjun Zang traveled to Washington, D.C., according to Devine, in December of that year. Around the same time, a meeting was booked in Hunter Biden’s calendar for December 7, 2015, according to his calendar.

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They suspect that Hunter brought Ye to meet his father during one of their holiday parties, according to a former associate who spoke to Devine on the condition of anonymity. There is no evidence of such a meeting on Hunter’s laptop, according to the source.

By February 2015, according to reports, Gilliar had sent Hunter a personal email in which he stated, “It has been made obvious to me that CEFC want to engage in deeper business connections with our organization.”

He was apparently aware that the China Export-Import Bank (CEFC) was the capitalist arm of President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to expand Chinese influence throughout the world, while Ye was photographed with international leaders.

Gilliar then contacted Tony Bobulinski, a former navy commander who had become a wealthy institutional investor, and informed him that he needed assistance restructuring a Chinese joint venture for ‘one of the most prestigious families in the United States,’ according to Devine.

The goal, according to reports, was to ‘create an investing firm like Goldman Sachs’ through the use of a WhatsApp message.

Afterward, Gilliar is said to have revealed that it is for the Biden family, and that Joe Biden, who has indicated that he will not run for president in 2016, will be actively involved once he leaves office. Moreover, he stated that the Bidens anticipate an influx of projects worth billions of dollars through the company.

Gilliar is alleged to have divulged to Bobulinksi that the Chinese partner is CEFC, which he claims has “more money than God.” This is according to reports from March 2016.

Devine claims that nearly a year later, Gilliar sent Bobulinski a WhatsApp message in which he expressed his desire to introduce him to his ‘girlfriend.’

Bobulinski then inquires as to the identity of Gilliar’s companion, to which Gilliar responds, ‘Hunter Biden.’

‘There’s money there, there’s intent there… skill sets are lacking,’ he reportedly says of Hunter’s situation. The company’s CEO said, ‘We need to build the best deal platform in history, and they’re clueless.’

Bobulinksi then reportedly expresses reservations about Hunter Biden, claiming that he does not approve of the fact that he was expelled from the United States Navy for cocaine use.

‘But he’s quite intelligent,’ Gilliar responds. Just a bunch of underachievers in their immediate vicinity using their name,’ says the author. ‘[He] has a few demons, but you’re used to dealing with demons, right?’

At that time, Bobulinski confronts Gilliar with the question, ‘Is he the decision maker, or is it the Chinese?’

‘New platform,’ says Gilliar in response. The best way to discuss this is face to face, but I’m driving.’

Later, Bobulinksi inquires as to who will be putting in the $10 million for the business agreement, to which Gilliar responds that it is a ‘joint vehicle,’ with each party contributing half of the funds to the venture.

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