How to Get Your Austria Visa Approved | Austria Visa Application & Entry Requirements

Austria Visa
How to Get Your Austria Visa Approved | Austria Visa Application & Entry Requirements

There are a variety of reasons why people go to Austria, but regardless of the reason, if you are a foreigner wanting to visit Austria, you will most likely need to complete the Austria Visa Application Online beforehand.

Whether or not you need an Austrian visa depends on a number of criteria, including your country, the length of your stay, and the purpose of your visit.

Austria, a German-speaking country in Europe’s ancient continent, covers an area of 83,871km2. It is one of the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of per capita GDP, as well as one of the most powerful economies in the European Union.

The nation remains a popular tourist attraction in Europe, located at the crossroads of European travel between east and west via the Danubian trade route and north and south through the Alpine mountains.

Application for an Austrian Visa and Entry Requirements
Since 1997, when Austria joined the Schengen Area as an EU member state, foreign tourists have been allowed to apply for an Austrian Schengen Visa. So read on to find out how to fill out the Austria Visa Application and Entry Requirements.

Austria Entry Requirements

Non-EU nationals, when showing up at the Austrian port of entry, will have to present some travel and identification documents to the Austrian border officer. These documents are as follows:

  1. A valid passport or travel document. Issued in the last 10 years and it should be valid for at least 3 months after your date of departure.
  2. A visa – if you are subject to an Austrian visa regime.

Please note that the Austrian border officer holds the final decision on whether you should be permitted to enter Austria or not. The border official will check your documents and may ask you a few questions about your trip to Austria like:

  • What is your purpose for visiting Austria?
  • How long do you intend to stay in Austria?
  • Where are you going to stay in Austria? Etc.

And if everything looks okay, you will be allowed to enter Austria, and thus the Schengen Area.

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Please, make sure that the Austrian border officer stamps your passport when you enter the Schengen area. Without a stamp, you could be fined or detained in Austria.

What Type of Visa Do I Need to Enter Austria?

If you are planning to visit Austria for a short stay trip (up to 90 days), then you have to apply for a Schengen short-stay visa to Austria, known also as a C-type visa.

Depending on your purpose of entry to Austria, you can get one of the following Schengen visa types for Austria:

  • Austrian Airport Visa – for those who need to transit through one of the Austrian airports, to reach their travel destination country, outside the Schengen Area.
  • Austrian Tourist Visa – for those wishing to visit Austria for holidays or sightseeing.
  • Austrian Visitor Visa – for travelers who want to visit friends or family members residing in Austria.
  • Austrian Business Visa – for business people who need to attend business-related activities in Austria.
  • Austrian Visa for Official Visit – for Official Delegations coming to Austria on an official trip.
  • Austrian Medical Visa – for people seeking medical treatment in Austria.
  • Austrian Study Visa –for students that wish to attend a course for up to three months at an educational institution in Austria.
  • Austrian Visa for Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews – for people wishing to attend an activity in Austria that belongs to this nature.

How to Apply for an Austrian Visa for Short-Stay

In order to complete the application process to obtain a short-stay visa to Austria, you must follow these steps:

  • Find out where you need to apply for a visa to Austria.
  • Choose the right Austrian visa type. Based on the purpose of your travel to Austria, choose the right visa type to apply for.
  • Collect the required documents for a visa to Austria. Make sure you collect the right documents for the type of Austrian visa you are applying for and that they all comply with the criteria as defined by the Austrian embassy or consulate in your country of residence.
  • Make a visa appointment with the Austrian Embassy/Consulate or a visa application center in your country of residence.
  • Attend the visa interview at the appropriate Austrian Embassy/Consulate/VAC.

Where to Apply for an Austrian Short-Stay Visa?

You will have to apply for a short-stay visa to Austria at the Austrian body responsible for visa admission in your country of residence. This could be one of the following:

  • The Austrian Embassy
  • An Austrian consulate
  • A Visa Application Center to which Austria has outsourced visa submission
  • The Embassy / Consulate of another Schengen country to which Austria has outsourced visa submission

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How to Get Your Austria Visa Approved | Austria Visa Application & Entry Requirements
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General Austria Visa Application Process

All those who wish to complete the Austria Visa application and who are not eligible for the ETIAS visa waiver are required to have an interview at an Austrian Embassy or Consulate to complete the Austrian visa application process.

Each applicant needs to bring the necessary documents and attend a quick interview about their travel plans.

Austria Travel information

Austria is open to international travel, providing visitors have all the necessary paperwork and follow all Austria entry and visa requirements.

All visitors must check the most recent entry requirements for Austria before traveling, including any additional COVID-19 restrictions. For more details, enter here

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