JJC Skillz announces his divorce with Funke Akindele.

JJC Skillz announces his divorce with Funke Akindele.
JJC Skillz announces his divorce with Funke Akindele.

JJC Skillz has revealed that he and Funke Akindele are divorcing. “I know I’ve done my best to make things right, but I think it’s past saving now.”

Singer JJC Skillz, also known as Abdulrasheed Bello, has announced his split from award-winning Nollywood actress Funke Akindele.

On Thursday morning, he revealed this information in an Instagram post, acknowledging that their marriage had been experiencing problems for more than two years.

Bello said that Akindele had asked him to leave her house and declined to talk about their connection.

He said while they “shared a lot of things together”, their marriage was beyond repair even if he has tried to “fix things”, and is now seeking ways for them to co-parent and manage their joint business.

Dear Friends and family I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children. The last two years have been extremely difficult for us. I know I have tried my best to fix things but I believe it is beyond repair now. 3 months ago and at Funkes insistence I moved out of the house and apart from AMVCA have not been able to get Funke to sit down in an amicable manner to discuss the future of our relationship. I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives. We still have issues that need to be addressed such as the custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interests which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other

Mr Abdul Bello

Speculations that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks hit the media in April.

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At the time JJC Skillz took to Instagram to debunk the rumors, sharing a photo of the couple and their kids, which he captioned” “The only rock that stays steady and the only institution I know that works is marriage.”

“London is cool, but I’m missing home @funkejenifaakindele my love have loads of fun with the children. See you soon at home.”

On Father’s Day, the “Jenifa” actress shared photographs JJC took with his children with the caption, “Happy Father’s Day darling!!! Thank you so much for being a wonderful and caring father. We love you God bless you more Baba Ibeji of life!”

The couple married in May 2016.

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