Josh Neuman U.S Skateboarder Among Those Killed in The Tragic Iceland Plane Crash


While on a sightseeing trip in Iceland, American skateboarder and content creator Josh Neuman was one of four persons killed when a tiny plane crashed into Lake Thingvallavatn, killing everybody on board.

Her purpose for being on the trip was to provide promotional content for the Belgian fashion brand Suspicious Antwerp, for which she was being compensated. The plane took off from a domestic airport in Reykjavik on Thursday and was due to return after a two-hour tour, but it never arrived, according to reports from the Associated Press on Monday.

The four bodies were discovered in Iceland’s second-largest lake around 11 p.m. on Friday, according to local authorities. In addition to the skateboarder Tim Alings, Suspicious Antwerp’s sponsorship manager Nicola Bellavia, a content creator and skydiver from Belgium, and the pilot Haraldur Diego, who was one of Iceland’s most prominent aviators, the Cessna 172 plane was carrying other passengers, according to The Associated Press.

The plane made touch with the aviation authorities around an hour after takeoff, who stated that they had not received a distress signal when the plane vanished from radar on Thursday. At Thingvellir National Park, divers, boats, and Icelandic coast guard helicopters aided in the search, which involved more than 1,000 members of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue. The airplane was eventually discovered in a section of the lake located approximately 30 miles east of Reykjavik, Iceland.

According to the Associated Press, authorities discovered the dead at the bottom of the lake with the use of an unmanned submarine and acoustic technology. However, due to the bad conditions, authorities were unable to recover the items from the scene.

Due to the rapidly deteriorating weather circumstances, the decision was made to cease the operation, as the safety of divers could not be guaranteed under the existing conditions, according to a statement from the police.

At this moment, no information has been revealed on the cause of the crash. According to the Associated Press, Bram Boriau, a representative for Suspicious Antwerp, the goal of the sightseeing excursion was to photograph Iceland’s landscape.

As Boriau explained, “all of the people that attended were really enthusiastic about travel and content creation, thus these topics were the primary emphasis of the trip.”

Suspicious Antwerp shared a confirmation on their Instagram account that the plane was comprised of an employee and two content makers, according to the post.

According to the statement, “we are deeply saddened by the news, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who have been affected.” As a result, we are in constant communication with them, as well as with the appropriate authorities, and we are doing everything we can to assist them during these trying times.”

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