Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin Seen Getting Playful while on a trip

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin Seen Getting Playful while on a trip

It was during a game of pool that Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, showed off a little PDA. One affectionate moment involved a gentle slap in the behind.

Bieber and Baldwin showed that they’re still a couple who likes to have fun and get cozy with each other when they went on a recent trip. Video of the singer and model playing pool at the Hotel Rock Lititz in Lititz, Pennsylvania was shown last night. They stopped to show off their PDA and play around a little bit, too. A video that was shared by TMZ shows them laughing and hugging each other after they threw air punches at each other. Then, the loving husband gave his wife a gentle slap on the butt.

A few hours before they left, Justin and Hailey are said to have spent time at the pool hall. They had a good time. The “Baby” singer is said to be in the Pennsylvania town to record music with the Clair Brothers. The rehearsal hall there is said to be one of the best. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, U2, Elton John and Billy Joel are some of the famous musicians who have been on the show in the past.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were together on a previous date. (MEGA)
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First, Justin and Hailey made headlines when Hailey said that she and Justin want to start a family in the future. In a new interview with WSJ. Magazine, she said that she and her husband would like to have a child in the next few years. “But there’s a reason they call it “try.” Nobody knows how long that process will take.

When she was asked if there was a chance she and Justin could have a baby in 2022, she said that was “definitely” not the case. There will be no kids this year. “That would be a lot of work,” she said.

This is how it works: Justin and Hailey got married in September of 2018. They haven’t been apart since. When they go to fancy or casual events together, or share cute pictures like the one above, it’s clear that these two are more in love than ever.

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