Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

After the stress and
excitement of the
holidays have
passed, a new year has begun. Just when you think you’re through the season of
gift giving, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you.  Have no fear! We’ve put together
a list of last-minute gift ideas sure to make everyone feel a little extra
loved this Valentine’s Day. The best part? They’ll never know you almost

For the Floral Lover

Flowers are a pretty
standard Valentine’s Day gift. If you know your valentine loves
flowers and
have time to order a bouquet from your local flower shop,
give them a call! If they don’t have enough time for your last-minute order,
here is a fun and thoughtful flower arrangement DIY:
Pick up a bunch of your
valentine’s favorite flowers (if you aren’t sure, tulips are always a go-to for
this type of arrangement). Sure, you can give them away as you bought them, but
if you want to add a personalized touch, grab a square of burlap and their
favorite color ribbon. Wrap the burlap around the flowers (as neatly as you
can) and secure with the ribbon. Finish your masterpiece by adding a card
secured with a clothespin if you have one! The recipient will surely know you
put some extra thought into this traditional gift.
If you want your gift to
last a while longer, think about
purchasing a houseplant for their home or office, and know you’ll be thought of every
time they look at it!

For the Foodie

Food is a love language
of its own. If your valentine is a foodie and you only have a few hours to
spare, consider picking up ingredients to their favorite dinner and
create your
rendition of the dish!
If you have more time on
your hands, try ordering a meal delivery box or picking out a new recipe and
creating a new meal together. 
If all else fails, grab
a few varieties of wines, cheeses and crackers, and create your own
DIY tasting bar at home!
This is a fun way to introduce new flavors and fun on a time constraint. 

For the Book Worm

Valentine’s Day doesn’t
have to be a time you need to spend totally together, but instead showing
appreciation for things they love, as well! Create a peaceful reading nook for
a busy
mom or dad by putting a
comfy chair in a peaceful space, complete with soft lighting (think 
Christmas lights), a cozy blanket and pillow, and some personalized hot cocoa!
Promising to keep the kids occupied for a few hours so they can get ahead on
their favorite book is a Valentine’s Day gift in itself! If you have enough
time, grab them a new book by their favorite author to dive into!

For the Sentimental

Personalization is
always a win for those who love the nostalgia that comes from gifts with unique
meaning. If you only have a few hours, consider writing a letter to your
valentine, reminiscing on your favorite memories together. Have a little
longer? If you’re
married, or
have a special song together, print and frame the lyrics for extra sentimental
decor. Have a little more
time? Think about having the GPS coordinates of your
location or place where you met engraved onto something you know they’ll like,
like a bracelet or a pillow! 

For the Practical

For those that are busy traveling our New York
roads, helping them be prepared is a gift all in itself. Put together a winter
driving kit for
them to keep in their car! You can hope they never need to use it, but knowing
they have it can bring peace of mind for both of you.
If all else fails, and
you’re at a loss, think about a gift that keeps giving! Try
organizing something
they haven’t had time to get around to, or calling your insurance company to
make sure you’re getting all of your
discounts on
your policies! These gifts may be unconventional for Valentine’s Day, but
will surely be appreciated any day of the year. 
Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas