Manchester City on-loan striker Julian Alvarez scores SIX goals in a single game for River Plate.

Manchester City on-loan striker Julian Alvarez scores SIX goals in a single game for River Plate.
Julian Alvarez

The Premier League isn’t ready,’ says a source. Man City fans are giddy with anticipation for the arrival of Julian Alvarez, who scored SIX goals in one game for River Plate before joining Haaland to form a formidable front line at the Etihad!

On-loan Julian Alvarez, a Manchester City striker who scored six goals in a Copa Libertadores match, is set to return to the club next season to team up with in-coming Norwegian striker Erling Haaland.
City won the Premier League for the fourth time in five years.

Julian Alvarez, a Manchester City loanee, scored six goals in a stunning performance for River Plate on Wednesday.

River Plate defeated Alianza Lima 8-1, with Alvarez demonstrating why he is one of the most sought-after young strikers in the world.

The Argentine was set to join the Premier League champions earlier this year, but City decided it would be better for his development to send him back to River Plate.

After his six against Alianza Lima, Julian Alvarez was presented with two match balls.

Alvarez smiled for the cameras after his performance cemented his place in River Plate folklore.

Manchester City on-loan striker Julian Alvarez scores SIX goals in a single game for River Plate.
Julian Alvarez handed two match balls after the game after his six against Alianza Lima

It appears to have been a wise decision, as the forward has performed admirably for the club since joining in 2016. The Libertadores, on the other hand, are the biggest in South America, and Alvarez’s performance immediately makes him a River Plate legend.

Pep Guardiola is expected to be most impressed by the young player’s first goal. Alvarez dropped in and intercepted a pass after spotting an opportunity to win the ball.

Before Alvarez made an intelligent run across the backline and off the shoulder of one of the defenders, the ball landed at the feet of one of his teammates. His finish across the goal rounded off an outstanding performance.

His six goals showed that he could do it all in front of the net, including work hard.

Alvarez’s second came from a cross over the ‘corridor of doubt,’ which he dutifully collected and put past the goalie, demonstrating his skills as a poacher as well as a diligent worker.

Meanwhile, his hat-trick goal demonstrated the striker’s ability to do everything in front of goal. With his back to goal and roughly 30-yards from the target, the Argentine scooped up the ball. He raced forward with room and time to turn before unleashing a low drive into the bottom right corner of the net.

Not happy with three goals, Alvarez appeared to be gnashing his teeth in search of more.

Alvarez pushed diligently in the second period, not satisfied with three.

Alvarez pressured Alianza Lima goalie Angelo Campos while dallying on the ball, demonstrating his commitment to press and fight hard for the club.

The youthful attacker sneaked in to take the ball and score his fourth goal of the game as the goalkeeper panicked. The clock had not yet struck one o’clock.

His fifth goal was a well-executed finish.

Milton Casco’s clever ball down the inside-right channel was gratefully welcomed by Alvarez, who made a customary smart run in behind the weary defenders.

Alvarez did not take a touch until his brilliantly lofted dink over the Peruvian ‘keeper, seeing his old opponent Campos off his line.

He scored his sixth goal, and the team’s ninth, on a single effort that saw him dart past defenders.

Because of their common nationality, Alvarez and Sergio Aguero, City’s all-time leading scorer, have been compared.

For City, Aguero set a new record with five goals in a single game, but Alvarez went one better for River Plate.

With a lot of defenders surrounding him, he picked up the ball on the outskirts of the box for his sixth and final goal. He spotted space and jinked around one man before racing around another and firing a rasping left-footed shot past the hapless goalie.

Alvarez’s fourth goal came after he dallied and pressured goalie Angelo Campos.

City supporters will be enthralled by Alvarez’s wide range of goals, as well as his apparent determination to work hard and create opportunities for himself.

City fans on social media were already drooling over the thought of Alvarez and Erling Haaland teaming up next season, despite the fact that the team had just won the 2021/22 title.

‘The Premier League isn’t ready for Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez to play alongside Kevin De Bruyne,’ observed one supporter.

‘Just the six goals in one game for Julian Alvarez,’ said another. £15 million for him will go down in history as a ludicrous deal.’

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