Melinda Gates Breaks Silence On Divorce: I Couldn’t Trust What We Had’

There was something they couldn’t get over. Melinda Gates has spoken up for the first time about the repercussions of her ex-husband Bill Gates’ romance with another woman while they were still married to each other.

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Love Story Revisited: An Overview of Their Relationship
According to a sneak preview of her interview on CBS Mornings on Thursday, March 3, she said, “I certainly believe in forgiveness, so I thought we’d worked through some of that.” The philanthropist is 57 years old. “It wasn’t a single moment or a single exact event that occurred. Just when there was enough of it, I understood that it wasn’t healthy and that I could no longer put my faith in what we were dealing with,” says the author.
The Wall Street Journal reported in May 2021 that Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft, had been having an affair with one of the company’s engineers since 2000, shortly after Melinda declared her separation from him, who is 66 at the time. A representative later revealed in a statement that “there was an affair about 20 years ago that ended amicably.”
In the CBS Mornings preview, the author of Moment of Lift talked about the feelings she was experiencing as a result of her divorce.

Melinda Gates Breaks Her Silence on Ex-Husband Bill Gates’ Affair After Divorce: ‘I Couldn’t Trust’ Him

“I believe it’s incredibly essential to acknowledge that I shed a lot of tears for a number of days,” she explained. “I mean, there were days when I was really laying on the floor and the carpet, you know, this near to me, thinking, ‘How can this be?'” she says. What is the best way to get up? ‘How am I going to proceed from here?’ And there were days when I was very enraged. As part of the mourning process, you may experience some sadness. You’re grieving the loss of something you believed you had and believed you would have for the rest of your life. “I mean, this is excruciating material.”

Melinda, on the other hand, recognizes the personal growth she has experienced as a result of the struggle about a year later.

But at the end of the day, I began this path of healing, and I’m beginning to feel like I’m beginning to make progress toward the other side. Furthermore, she stated, “I do feel like I’m turning a page in the story now.” After all, it is 2022, and I am genuinely rather optimistic about what is to come and the path that life will take me down.”

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Bill and Melinda were married in January 1994 and went on to have three children: Jennifer, 25, Rory, 22, and Phoebe, 19. Jennifer is the oldest of the children. In a statement posted on Twitter in May 2021, the businesswoman stated that she and her husband had separated.
Following “a great deal of deliberation and extensive work on our relationship,” she wrote, “we have made the difficult decision to end our marriage.” The previous 27 years have seen us raise three amazing children and establish a charity that works all around the world to ensure that everyone can live healthy and productive lives. Our passion in that mission remains strong, and we will continue to work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe that we will be able to grow as a couple in this next era of our life.”
They completed their divorce in August 2021, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s website.
The Washington native came up about his divorce just a few days after the union was formally annulled.

“Undoubtedly, this is a really sad turning point… “Melinda is a wonderful person, and the fact that our collaboration is coming to an end is a cause of great personal pain for me,” Bill remarked in a CNN interview. “We’re interacting with one another and working together at the foundation, and we intend to try to keep that cooperation going.”