Nigerians blast Leke Adeboye for calling erring RCCG Pastors goats

leke adeboye
Nigerians blast Leke Adeboye for calling erring RCCG Pastors goats

Nigerians have condemned alleged remarks made by Leke Adeboye, the last son and Senior Personal Assistant of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who is also the General Overseer of the United Methodist Church.

After his father had delivered the day’s sermon, Leke, according to TheCable, blasted some RCCG pastors for continuing to preach after his father had finished.

After the Thanksgiving service in some branches of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) throughout Nigeria, parish pastors occasionally share their own messages after the Daddy G.O has delivered his sermon, which is normally live-streamed across the branches all over the world.

Daddy G.O’s sermon is expected to be the only sermon delivered on that particular Sunday, as all pastors were expected to connect to the National Headquarters, where the General Overseer would deliver his sermon, as is customary in the RCCG

Leke, who was rumored to be dissatisfied with the fact that some pastors continued to preach to their congregations after his father’s sermon, scoffed at such pastors, referring to them as “goats,” according to reports.

“Why would you go and preach another sermon after Daddy GO had just finished speaking and preaching?” reads a screenshot of the post that is currently trending on social media sites. Sir, you are not a son at all; rather, you are a goat. After the altar call at the next Thanksgiving service, it will be Thanksgiving,” he wrote.

Although Vanguard can confirm that the comments were made by Leke Adeboye, the newspaper cannot confirm that they were made by him because he has yet to respond to the criticisms that have followed the controversial post attributed to him.

As a response to Leke’s post, RCCG member @rosedek2021, an Instagram follower, commented, “Perhaps you will push RCCG members to do the unthinkable and go on strike.” Your sneering at pastors and other antecedents demonstrates that you are naturally arrogant, which is understandable given that your father is not the goat. You do not deserve to be in the position that you are in. Your resignation is something I’m looking forward to. If you continue to embarrass your parents and the RCCG, how long will it be before someone steps in to do damage control on your behalf? As a member of the RCCG, I can tell you that, even if others don’t tell you, some of us would tell you that we are fed up with you.”

@joyfulpeak “As a member of RCCG, I have to say you keep embarrassing the church. My older brother that attends another ministry was the person that drew my attention to your ill advised social media clout chasing.”

@sad2unez “This is What happens when the Son of the Anointed thinks he too is Anointed and can make utterances. I expected you to step down, make a visual apology to the pastors you just labeled goats. But no you think because you are the Son of one of the greatest pastors in the world you can talk anyhow (Remember the Sons of Eli.) You should go and learn from Oyedepo’s Children”

@Chukwueloka_EE, “The question is whether the sermon they preached is good or bad, as your Daddy doesn’t own any sermon. Every good preaching is God’s. Meanwhile, calling them goats is not right. This is how some founders will die: boom power tussle, property dragging etc will ensue.”

@CODE_61329, “This is quite disgusting of him to bring the internal ramblings/politics to the media! He should be ready for the storm he brewed! Common sense should have told him to use the organization’s official channels and mind his language! Abuse of office everywhere!

@ollynetworker, “#rccg should suspend Leke Adeboye for calling ordained pastors #GOAT. What a gut.”

@OkeAkinola, “The goat in this context is to describe erring children who don’t listen to fathers. A sheep is tender and easy to lead, a goat strays away at every slight opportunity.”

@CeciliaOkoroma, “This is simply not too nice a statement from ‘man of God’ and in particular, son of GO RCCG.”

@Joanna8214, “That’s very rude of you, Leke Adeboye! You are the goat here.”

@TomisinAmokeoja, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, Leke Adeboye calling pastors goat was way overboard. Really leaves much to be desired. Always been controversial though. I wonder how he would have reacted if he was the G.O.”

@influentialayyo, “Why is Leke Adeboye like this? He is always scandalous. Why will a Christian call the image of God a goat?”

@McRoi16, “It’s rather unfortunate that he abused the privilege of being the G.O.’s son. Well I expect that his father will call him to order.”

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