Payment of Npower Stipends For January 2022 Begins


In today’s Npower news, we are pleased to inform you that the Npower January 2022 Stipends Payment has been initiated, following a lengthy period of waiting by beneficiaries.

While the January payment process has begun, and crediting of accounts is planned to commence as soon as possible, please note that all 2021 outstanding payments will be cleared while current payments are in place, according to Nasims. Despite the difficulties, we appreciate your patience thus far.

Nasims had previously cautioned beneficiaries of the Npower Program to avoid bogus news.

This decision came as a result of a cloned Nasims profile releasing a bogus stipend payment announcement on social media.

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To avoid payment errors, February stipends will very certainly be commenced after the January payment has been made. While you wait, it is critical that you take your responsibilities at your primary assessment site seriously in order to earn additional work experience.

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