PDP Primaries: Banky W insists on victory, claims the opposition’s House of Representatives result was forged

PDP Primaries: Banky W insists on victory, claims the opposition's House of Representatives result was forged
PDP Primaries: Banky W insists on victory, claims the opposition’s House of Representatives result was forged

Olubankole Wellington, aka Banky W, a Nigerian musician and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant, has insisted that he won the PDP ticket to represent Eti-Osa federal constituency in Lagos State, claiming that an election result showing he lost is a forgery.

On Thursday, Banky W’s aide confirmed this to SaharaReporters, claiming that the election result sheet was allegedly manipulated by Aiboni Sam, his primary opponent.

Banky W’s victory has been questioned after an election result was released on Thursday claiming that Banky W had lost and Aiboni Sam had won.

“Hello, please, this outcome is fake,” Banky W camp stated in a statement. We’ve spoken to practically all of the PDP’s leaders. They’re all working on it, and Banky has been asked to stay calm and let them figure it out. Sam allegedly managed to get a result sheet in his favor for an election that Banky Wellington won in front of everyone.

“The INEC, DSS, former Deputy Governor of Lagos Mama Bucknor, National Delegate Captain Shelle, LGA Chairman Yusuf Arubiewe, the LGA Secretariat, and the entire principal and adhoc Delegates from all of our wards were in attendance.”

“In the meantime, we must mobilize every single PDP member and delegate in Eti-Osa and Lagos state to speak out for the truth, for justice, and for their mandate, which is being stripped from them.” This cannot be allowed to continue.

“For the national and state leadership, today is the day of reckoning. The days of ignoring the people’s will and desires in order to impose a candidate on them are long gone. It’s unjust and heinous. Eti-people Osa’s must speak out now, everywhere. In social media, in every Whatsapp group, and on every phone conversation conceivable.

“The PDP’s leadership must listen to the people’s voices. It is our responsibility, and no one can take it away from us. EVERYONE, RISE UP AND SPEAK UP. GET UP AND STAND UP EVERYWHERE. PUSH BACKWARDS. WE CAN WIN IF WE ALL FIGHT TOGETHER. #WeMove #PDP #BetterEtiOsa #BankyIsThePeoplesChoice #TalkandDo #WeMove #PDP #BetterEtiOsa #BankyIsThePeoplesChoice.”

Deji Adeyanju, a human rights activist and convener of Concerned Nigerians, raised the alarm earlier today that Banky W would not be given the PDP ticket to represent the Eti-Osa federal constituency in Lagos.

“The PDP is cursed,” Deji tweeted. According to their latest evil scheme, Banky W did not receive the ticket; all they care about is money… Kai, I’ve had it with this country. We’ve gotten ourselves into a serious mess. Our children’s generation is in jeopardy.”

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, also reacted quickly, saying, “My brother, politics in Nigeria is all about money.” 90% of political parties exist only for the purpose of making money. They are unconcerned about the status of the nation. That’s why APC decided to sell form for $100 million. When I campaigned for Governor in 2017, my party almost split over my refusal to share money.”

Banky W’s followers, on the other hand, have recommended him to buy nomination and expression of interest forms from another political party.

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