Police launch an inquiry into the Chrisland School Scandal and warns sharing video might result in a 14-year prison sentence.

Chrisland School scandal: Police commences investigation, warns sharing of video could attract 14-year jail term
Police launch an inquiry into the Chrisland School Scandal and warns sharing video might result in a 14-year prison sentence.

The Lagos State Police Command has said that it has launched an investigation into the disputed claimed rape video involving Chrisland School students and would guarantee that justice is delivered.

This is according to a statement released by the Lagos State Police Command’s Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, who stated that the police have launched an investigation to determine the identity of those involved and acquire other pertinent information.

What the spokesman for the Lagos State Police Department has to say
“The attention of the Lagos State Police Command has been directed to an alleged rape video supposedly featuring students of Chrisland School Lagos, which has gone viral on social media,” Hundeyin added in the statement.

“The command has launched an investigation into the matter with the goal of determining the identities of the players in the video, the true incident in the video, the incident’s geographical location, the alleged threat to a student’s life, and the circumstances surrounding the alleged repeated pregnancy tests conducted on a student without parental consent,” according to the statement.

“The command is also aware of the cybercrime component of the incident and would not hesitate to solicit the assistance of Interpol if necessary.” The command will collaborate with relevant ministries, departments, agencies, and non-governmental organizations to conduct a comprehensive and unbiased investigation.”

Those who share sex videos face a 14-year prison sentence, according to the Lagos government.
The Lagos State Government has issued a warning to members of the public not to distribute film of Chrisland School children engaged in a sexual conduct.
Sharing such video material, according to the state administration, is considered child pornography and could result in a 14-year prison sentence.

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“We also use this medium to inform the general public of the repercussions pertaining to engaging in any visual portrayal of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor commits an offence and is punishable to a fourteen (14) year jail term,” the state administration said. Producing, distributing, receiving, or owning a child pornographic image falls under this category.”
What you need to know
Recall that a video was released on social media platforms a few days ago showing students from Chirsland School, an elite private school in Victoria Garden City, engaging in sexual actions while on a trip to Dubai for the World School Games between March 10 and 13, 2022.
Following the incident, the female student was suspended permanently by the school administration, who said she was “a main performer” in a “immoral act.”
The student’s mother, on the other hand, claimed that her daughter was drugged and raped by some of the school’s male pupils.
Meanwhile, the Lagos State government has ordered that all Chrisland Schools branches in the state be closed indefinitely as a result of the event.

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