Postdoc Applicants and Doctoral Positions on Plasmonic Condensates/Nanolasers, Magnonic/Plasmonic Units, Magnonic Neural Networks, and Wanted

Postdoc Applicants and Doctoral Positions on Plasmonic Condensates/Nanolasers, Magnonic/Plasmonic Units, Magnonic Neural Networks, and Wanted

We at Aalto Faculty Department of Carried out Physics are looking for extraordinarily motivated doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers to art work on experiments in 3 projects.

Enterprise 1

It is a collaborative research mission between the Nanomagnetism and Spintronics workforce (Prof. Sebastiaan van Dijken) and the Quantum Dynamics workforce (Prof. Päivi Törmä). The mission goals at the excitation, manipulation, and detection of spin-wave signs in magnonic devices using ultrafast localized optical fields. The ultimate serve as of the mission is the realization of optically controlled magnonic not unusual sense gates. As a researcher, you will be working in a multidisciplinary staff the usage of state of the art facilities for materials enlargement, nanofabrication, and ultrafast spin-wave and optical characterization. We are looking for qualified candidates to fill two researcher positions with complementary profiles. Each position may be stuffed thru a doctoral candidate or a postdoctoral researcher. An impressive background in magnetism, magnonics, plasmonics, nanophotonics, or optics is wanted.

Enterprise 2

This mission goals at the experimental realization of magnonic neural networks and is performed inside the NanoSpin workforce of Prof. Sebastiaan van Dijken. As construction blocks of the neural networks, patterned YIG movement photos or YIG-based Fabry-Pérot resonators will be carried out as non-linear spin-wave scatterers.  The neural networks will be designed and optimized using  micromagnetic simulations and gadget learning algorithms. Fabrication involves the growth of ultralow damping YIG movement photos thru pulsed laser deposition and sophisticated e-beam and direct laser-write lithography. Characterization of spin-wave transport along nanochannels will be performed thru broadband spin-wave spectroscopy and state of the art time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr impression microscopy. One position is available inside of this mission. We seek qualified and very self-motivated applicants with solid training and showed revel in in experimental techniques and nanofabrication with knowledge in magnetism, magnonics, and fluency in programming languages and information analysis.

Enterprise 3

It is a mission finished mainly inside the QD workforce of Prof. Päivi Törmä. It builds on our observation of a plasmonic BEC and lasing in nanoparticle arrays. This mission explores the ones concepts in new forms of nanoarrays, akin to those web internet hosting flat and/or topological bands. Lasing and BEC phenomena would perhaps show unique correlations and topologically secure quantities in such situations. Throughout the mission, suitable lattice geometries will be designed, and the lasing/BEC they host will be characterized with acknowledge to spectral, coherence, correlation, and topological properties. One position is available inside of this mission, for an experimentalist with revel in on plasmonics, polariton/photon condensates, (topological) photonics, or (quantum) optics. 


We are looking for a glittery and motivated postdocs or doctoral candidates with an excellent record inside the fields of the positions. Superb command of English (every verbal and written) and demonstrated skill to disseminate medical results are mandatory prerequisites for the position. Applicants will have to be motivated to conduct research on the very best international level with the aim at publishing high-impact articles.


The cut-off date for techniques is 28 February 2022. To make use of, please see additional info and publish your tool proper right here: Doctoral Candidate and Postdoc Positions on Magnonic/Plasmonic Gadgets, Magnonic Neural Networks, and Plasmonic Condensates/Nanolasers | Aalto Faculty.