The Reason Nasim’s Portal Is Currently Inaccessible


The Reason Nasim’s Portal Is Currently Inaccessible
Following the announcement in today’s Npower news concerning the Reason Why Nasims Portal Is Unavailable At This Time, we are pleased to notify you that the Nasims portal is now operational!

We previously indicated that we have received numerous complaints from Npower recipients over their inability to access the Nasims portal Self service dashboard, thus we chose to provide this update with you so that you are kept informed and should not be concerned.

The Nasims portal was previously taken offline for 48 hours for maintenance. Beneficiaries who attempted to use the portal were unable to do so. You can now access the portal after the maintenance has been completed. This information was provided by Nasims via their social media outlets in response to the portal outage.

As you may have tried to access the NASIMS portal for quite some time but have been unsuccessful, kindly note that the portal is now under maintenance and should be completed and back online within 48 hours. Once it’s up and running, you’ll be notified. All of the inconveniences that this situation may bring you are extremely regrettable. I appreciate it.

While Nasim’s portal is now unavailable, you may always visit the Npower discussion group blog at to keep up with the newest Npower news, employment announcements, and other empowerment program information.

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Nasims has issued another update, stating that the NASIMS PORTAL IS BACK ONLINE. Please be advised that the gateway, which had been unavailable for the previous 48 hours, has now reopened. The portal is really easy to use. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition. Many thanks!

However, you can contact Nasims team via their Instagram account to lodge your complaints, as the support email address is currently unavailable.

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