Trump controversially asks Putin to release dirt about Biden’s family

Donald Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton reveals he's stuck in the  past

Former President Donald Trump asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to share any embarrassing material he had about the Biden family in a new interview published Tuesday, in a blatant appeal for domestic political assistance from America’s biggest adversary.

It’s the latest sign of Trump’s willingness to seek and accept domestic political assistance from foreign powers, including Putin, who is presently directing a horrific conflict in Ukraine.

Trump pushed an unverified claim about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia in an interview with JustTheNews, and demanded Putin to reveal any information he might have regarding the matter. It’s unclear whether any such materials exist or whether the Kremlin has access to them.
“I would assume Putin would know the answer to that,” Trump said of Hunter Biden’s possible Russian links. “I believe he should make it public. That is something I believe we should know.”
While his father, President Joe Biden, was vice president, Hunter Biden was paid handsomely for consulting work he did in foreign countries such as Ukraine and China. These transactions and potential financial crimes are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Justice Department.
However, there has been no proof to back up Trump’s assertions that the Bidens were involved in corruption or impacted US policy for personal gain, and the President has not been named in the investigation. Hunter Biden has denied misconduct and stated that he would be cleared once the criminal investigation is completed.
Trump’s public appeal to Putin is reminiscent of his infamous July 2016 remark, “Russia, if you’re listening,” in which he asked Putin to hack Hillary Clinton’s private emails. It was the beginning of Trump’s years-long quest to boost his electoral prospects through foreign assistance.

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In 2016, the Trump campaign accepted and profited from Russia’s election-meddling campaign against Clinton. For example, the Trump campaign frequently highlighted Democratic emails that were intercepted and disseminated by the Russian military, and members of Trump’s inner circle met with a Russian agent who promised information on Clinton throughout the campaign.

Trump’s January 6 scheme is becoming more sinister and dangerous by the day.
As part of the conspiracy, Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to initiate spurious corruption probes into then-candidate Joe Biden, withholding roughly $400 million in US military aid. Trump was impeached for the first time as a result of this incident.
During the 2020 presidential campaign, some of Trump’s closest associates worked with a known Russian spy to spread false information about Biden and his family, including some of the same allegations of corruption that Trump made in the new interview.
The video of Trump requesting Putin for assistance was posted on a news website run by John Solomon, a pro-Trump journalist whose earlier reporting on the Bidens’ ties to Ukraine has been called into question. He informed Metronews247 that the interview took place at Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

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