Ukraine’s First Woman Olena Zelenska Implores Others To ‘Speak up’ Versus Russia: ‘Kid Remain In Air-raid Shelter’

Ukraine’s First Woman Olena Zelenska Implores Others To ‘Speak up’ Versus Russia: ‘Kid Remain In Air-raid Shelter’

Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, calls on others to “Speak Out” Against Russia, saying that “children are in bomb shelters” in the country.
Olena Zelenska urged with other First Ladies around the world to ‘speak the truth’ about the pain and anguish that Putin has unleashed on innocent children as a result of his onslaught on the Ukraine.

Olena Zelenska, 44, the First Lady of Ukraine, has urged world leaders to speak out against Russia and to demonstrate the true devastation that the Ukrainian people have suffered as a result of the country’s attacks, particularly the toll that the attacks have taken on children and others still in Ukraine. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, March 2, Zelenska described children being taught in bomb shelters, as well as citizens being slaughtered and hospitals being forced to move treatments to their basements as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authorized attacks on Ukraine.
Along with demands to defy Russian aggression, Zelenska’s Instagram account shed light on many of the tragedies that Ukrainians have endured since the Russian invasion began in March 2014. In her letter, she pleaded with readers to speak out more about the situation in Ukraine, saying, “Ukrainian children must live and learn in bomb shelters, and hospitals must treat their patients in basements.” “Despite the claims of Russian propagandists and the Kremlin’s mouthpieces, scores of civilian victims have already been reported in Ukraine.”
According to her caption, many individuals (including first ladies) have reached out to her and asked what they can do to help, and her strongest appeal is for people to “tell the world the truth” about what is taking place in Ukraine. “Say something! “What is taking place in Ukraine is not a’special military operation,’ as Putin claims, but a full-scale war in which the aggressor is the Russian Federation,” she said in an open letter.

Zelenska urged for people to speak out against the lies that the Russian government has used to advance the conflict in Ukraine, in addition to the crimes that the Ukrainian people are witnessing. She went on to explain that many people had been killed in Ukraine, as well as numerous Russian soldiers, and that Putin’s forces are attempting to capture the country rather than taking part in “military exercises.” She also urged her supporters to continue to call on Russians to demonstrate their opposition to the invasion of Ukrainian territory.

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She also echoed previous patriotic views that Ukraine will defend itself against Russian aggressors, but she also appealed for assistance in providing weaponry to the Ukrainian military. “Ukraine wishes to live in peace. “Ukraine, on the other hand, will defend itself and will never submit,” she added. There is no need for Ukraine to be rescued.” However, we require international assistance in order to help our army and citizens. “It’s not just a matter of words.” Additionally, she encouraged other women to organize, and she warned of the broader ramifications that the Russian attack could have, particularly on the rest of Europe, as she urged people to continue to speak up in support of Ukraine. “Don’t keep your mouth shut! Please inform them that Putin has threatened to initiate a nuclear war, and that if he succeeds in doing so, there will be no safe havens left in the globe.”

The First Lady also published two videos on her Instagram account, one featuring Latvian First Lady Andra Levite and the other featuring Lithuanian First Lady Diana Nausedene, both of whom expressed their support for Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s actions. Levite recorded her message in English, and she vowed that Ukraine would overcome this difficult period in its history. “You are not alone in your feelings. We’re all here to support you. Part of what she stated was, “Humanity shall triumph.”