We Will All Be At War If Russia Trespasses Nato’s Territory Warns Britain’s Generals


‘If Russia takes a step into NATO territory, we’re all at war,’ says one official. If Putin continues to push throughout Europe, a retired general warns that Britain’s “children and grandkids” will be called upon to battle.

‘If Russia takes a step into NATO territory, we’re all at war,’ says one official. If Putin continues to push throughout Europe, a retired general warns that Britain’s “children and grandkids” will be called upon to battle.

Sir Richard Shirreff, a former NATO deputy supreme commander, believes that the United Kingdom and its allies must’man the ramparts.’
‘There is a likelihood that we as a nation could soon be at war with Russia,’ he claimed, adding that Britons will be fighting them.
After that, Sir Richard said, ‘We should mobilize the forces that we have, such as they are, and reinforce the eastern front against Russia’.
After addressing the nation, calling a NATO meeting, and announcing sanctions in the Commons at 5pm, Boris Johnson will leave the House of Commons.

According to a veteran British general, the United Kingdom might soon find itself at war with Russia, with British soldiers being obliged to’man the ramparts’ and combat Putin’s forces on a new front in eastern Europe, as early as next year.

Following the invasion of Ukraine, General Sir Richard Shirreff, former deputy supreme commander of NATO, has stated that Britain’s first line of defense is now the border with former Soviet states, who are concerned that they may be next in line.

‘There is a risk that we as a nation will be at war with Russia in the near future,’ he stated. In this country, we must recognize that our security does not begin with the white cliffs of Dover, but rather with the forests of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

President Boris Johnson today warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin had triggered “a catastrophe for our continent” as he prepared to address the nation and announce “unprecedented” sanctions against the country. Russia has launched what appears to be a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sending troops, tanks, and artillery into its neighbour from the north, south, and east, while bombarding cities, airports, and military targets with missiles, according to reports.

Sir Richard has stated that today’s incursion must alter Mr Johnson’s ‘frame of mind,’ warning that he believes Putin is determined to re-establish the Soviet Union, which was divided into 15 republics after it collapsed in 1991.

He was questioned by Nick Robinson on the BBC’s Today show whether Britons and their ‘children and grandkids’ might be ‘expected to battle’ the Russians, to which Sir Richard replied affirmatively. As soon as Russia takes a single foot into NATO territory, we will all be at war with Russia.

We must change our attitude fundamentally, as stated in Article 5 (of the NATO alliance), and that is why I believe our defense should begin in the United Kingdom on the Nato’s periphery, not within it.

‘It is highly likely that he will advance into Nato countries and trigger a conflict with thirty countries,’ he continued. However, he cautioned that Britain or Nato should not engage in Ukraine because doing so would ‘precipitate a third global war’.

In his words: ‘We need to take stock of our own security.’ It is critical for us as an alliance to effectively man the ramparts in Eastern Europe.

‘We should mobilize the troops, such as they are, since I’m afraid the cupboard is very bare after more than a decade of cuts,’ says the minister. Our government must carefully consider what needs to be done to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank and send the strongest possible signal to the world that the alliance is ready and prepared to protect its territory.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, ex-deputy supreme commander of NATO pictured with David Cameron in Iraq, has said Britain's first line of defence is now the border of former Soviet states who fear they could be Putin's next target such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
Explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of this morning as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia began

Sir Richard said that Putin will look to occupy Ukraine – and potentially look to other countries in the region.

‘The Russians aren’t the type to stay around,’ he explained. We must prepare for the worst because they will attempt to establish overwhelming force. Attacks from many axes will be launched at the same time. This is a full-fledged military effort to occupy Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

As he put it, “There is no surprise, but there is great regret and an overwhelming sense of horrific horror as we see what is about to unfold for the people of Ukraine.”

In addition, ‘I believe we must presume that Russia is not attempting to take a piece of Ukraine by force, such as by the establishment of a land corridor in Crimea.’

Putin, according to the retired general, “definitely” desires the restoration of the Soviet Union.

‘You only have to listen to what Putin has been saying since 2014,’ he explained. A new Yalta is the most appropriate security arrangement for Europe at this time. He believes that Russia will dominate eastern Europe in the same way that the Soviet Union did during the communist era. “This has been on the horizon for quite some time, but the people who should have been paying attention have been completely ignoring it.”

Deputy Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson today warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction” in Ukraine, as the West pushes for “unprecedented” sanctions – and cabinet ministers suggested that Moscow generals should stage a coup in order to put an end to his “Tsarist fantasy.”

Following the dramatic invasion that occurred overnight, the Prime Minister presided over a COBRA meeting at 7.30 a.m., and he has promised a ‘decisive’ response. He is set to reveal more measures in a statement to the House of Commons later this week, with access to the financial markets and oligarchs in Russia among the targets.

A conference of EU ministers is taking place in Brussels to debate further measures following the blacklisting of 23 individuals by the bloc, who are accused of being involved in military aggression against Ukraine as well as making important political decisions and waging a ‘disinformation war.’ In addition, US Vice President Joe Biden is anticipated to announce additional steps following the suspension of trade and investment in’separatist’ parts of Ukraine as well as the isolation of Russian state banks.

Minister for Foreign Affairs James Cleverly made an extraordinary intervention this morning in which he suggested that Russian military commanders should intervene to prevent Mr Putin’s ‘catastrophically bad judgement call’ from becoming a reality.

After a series of rambling speeches laced with Soviet-era rhetoric, he suggested that Mr Putin’s mental state had deteriorated, saying the president appeared to be acting ‘increasingly in isolation’ and ‘illogically’ after a series of rambling speeches.

Russian invasion of Ukraine has been condemned as a “grave violation of international law” by NATO as a war erupts across Europe, posing the greatest threat to international security and peace since the Second World War.

Mr Johnson, who is expected to make a statement to the House of Commons later, said in a statement on Twitter: ‘I am appalled by the horrific events in Ukraine, and I have spoken with President Zelenskyy to discuss next steps. By launching this unprovoked attack on Ukraine, President Putin has chosen a path that will result in bloodshed and devastation. ‘The United Kingdom and our allies will respond forcefully.’

Labour leader Keir Starmer increased the pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to increase sanctions against Russia, its businesses, and its citizens.

‘The most severe sanctions possible must be imposed on all individuals and entities associated with Putin. The United Kingdom must be freed of the influence of Russian money, which has accumulated there. Whoever has turned a blind eye to Russia’s actions for far too long will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

When it comes to defying the international community, experts believe Mr Putin will have factored in the cost of sanctions when making his decision to disobey the international community.

Following what appears to be a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia dispatched troops, tanks and artillery into five regions of the nation, despite the Kremlin’s claims that the operation took place just in the eastern Donbas region.

The Russian president addressed the nation from the Kremlin this morning, saying his plans ‘do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territory’ and that he was only trying to ‘demilitarize’ and ‘de-Nazificate’ Ukraine while also attempting to ‘protect Donbas.’ He also stated that he would not impose anything on anyone through force.

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‘To anyone who might consider interfering from the outside: If you do, you will suffer consequences greater than any you have ever encountered in history,’ he added in a terrifying threat to anyone in the West who would desire to military assist the Ukrainians. All of the necessary decisions have already been made. I’m hoping you can hear me.’

As a response to the war in Europe, the United Kingdom declares:

Boris Johnson will announce a series of super-sanctions aimed at harming the Russian economy, its enterprises, and its oligarchs; the British envoy to Ukraine has advised British nationals to leave the country as soon as possible. Melinda Simmons stated on Twitter: ‘We strongly advise all British nationals to leave Ukraine as soon as possible if they believe it is safe to do so from their current position.’ If you require further support, please phone +380 44 490 3660.’ People should not attempt to cross the border from Russia into Ukraine, according to the UK Foreign Office. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he has instructed the UK Civil Aviation Authority to ensure airlines avoid Ukraine airspace ‘to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members’ on board. Wizz Air was scheduled to conduct flights to Luton from Kiev and Lviv on Thursday, however both flights were canceled due to weather conditions.

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