What the Npower Nasims Dashboard Means by Shortlisted, Applicant, and Beneficiary


What Shortlisted, Applicant, and Beneficiary Means On Npower Nasims Dashboard will be discussed in today’s most recent Npower news. Read on then!

The physical verification of Npower batch C stream 2 has officially started, however some applicants for the program are still unsure about the distinction between the applicant, beneficiaries, and shortlisted, which is mentioned unambiguously on their dashboard.

In light of the foregoing, we made the decision to write this post in order to address the query that some of you have on the topic and help you get familiar with your Npower dashboard status.

1. Npower Applicant simply entails that you have submitted an application to Npower and your data has been recorded on the Npower Nasims applicants dashboard.

2. Npower Shortlisted simply means that a Npower applicant has been selected successfully for the next stage of the Npower enrollment process. This category of applicants has been screened biometrically waiting for the next stage.

3. Npower Beneficiaries simply means that an applicant has successfully completed all the Npower enrollment process, pass the physical verification, and deployed to PPA.

Note: Your application status may show Shortlisted on the Nasims dashboard overview page but remain as an applicant on the screening, verification, and deployment pages until you are satisfied by Npower for physical verification, then your status will change to Beneficiary.

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Additional information:

4. Existing Npower Beneficiaries/volunteers are Npower beneficiaries that are currently serving in various places of Primary assignment and already receiving stipends.

5. Disengage or exited Npower Volunteers simply refer to Beneficiaries of the Npower Programme who has completed their service term and have been disengaged or graduated.

6. Prospective Npower applicants simply mean people who are not Npower beneficiaries but looking forward to applying and becoming a beneficiary.

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