Yes and no


Yes and no.

I’ve been stating yes to some brand-new things recently. That suggests that I needed to state no to some other things, which is ok.

Every yes brings a no with it.

That’s an advantage to bear in mind due to the fact that often when we state yes to something, we forget that it suggests no to something else.

Yes, I will attend your conference suggests no; I cannot deal with some other job.

Yes, I will deal with the job you require suggests no; I cannot deal with the job that I wish to deal with.

This suggests that understanding what you wish to state yes to, why, and for for how long is seriously crucial due to the fact that if every yes suggests that you should state no to something else, the reverse holds true.

Whenever you state no, you have the possibility to state yes to something that’s more crucial.

Find out to be mindful with your yes.

Yes and no

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